What is rep 11? Simple way to distinguish rep 11 goods and fake goods

What is rep goods

What is rep 11? Buying a replica is real or fake? These are questions that many of you sent to us. Reply goods or even rep 11 goods are all fake goods. They were copied meticulously. If you do not have experience or knowledge about the item you intend to buy, it will be easy for them to trick you into buying fake goods.

So what is rep 11? What are rep + and rep 11 and is there any difference? What kind of replica goods are they? All will be revealed by our Roostershirt in today’s content.

What is rep goods?

Rep goods are also known as Replica goods. This is a word used for products that are not genuine, copied by some people with materials, designs, colors, etc. that are extremely similar to the real thing. If you have no knowledge or have never used the real product, you will certainly not be able to distinguish the difference between these two types of products.

What is rep 11?

Rep row 11 is similar. With almost the same design and everything, many young people are passionate about buying rep 11 clothes to satisfy their shopping pleasure when they do not have enough finances.

F1 goods, also known as Fake 1 goods, are of even poorer quality. You can rank these products in the following order. The most expensive ones to mention are the 11 rep and replica products, followed by the SF (Super Fake) products and then the F1, F2, F3,….Fn types.

So you can completely deduce that the common names of all these symbols are fake goods. To recognize which products are real and which are fake among these names requires experienced people.

What are real goods?

Besides Replica goods, there is another term that is also mentioned a lot, which is Real goods. Even the name can tell that Real products are real, genuine products. They use the best and highest quality input materials, are designed with super delicate and meticulous designs, every line is highly appreciated.

Besides being called real goods, they are also called by many other names such as Auth goods, authentic goods, legit goods, original goods, etc. When you see these symbols, you also know that the goods you are buying are genuine. is genuine product.

Suggestions on how to distinguish between rep rows 11 and regular rep rows

Many of you wonder how to distinguish between real and fake goods? Many of you even want to distinguish between rep rows 11 and regular rep rows. For professionals or people who sell these items, they absolutely have the details to differentiate.

Some people will evaluate the item based on the design of the box, shoe lining design details, seams, ink stains, etc. Depending on the item you need to differentiate, there are also other factors. together. For example, distinguishing between rep 11 handbags and genuine handbags will be different from distinguishing Auth sneakers from rep 11 sneakers,…

Suggestions on how to distinguish between rep rows 11 and regular rep rows
Suggestions on how to distinguish between rep rows 11 and regular rep rows
  • Another factor you can also identify is the quality of the product itself. For rep 11 items, there will be a similarity of up to 98%, while regular rep products will only have a similarity between 85 and 90%.
  • Second is about the selling price. The selling price of regular rep and 1:1 rep models is also very different. People even have the following statistics: With 1:1 Rep products, the normal selling price will be about 1/3 compared to genuine products. Rep products will usually have a lower price, about 1/5 or even 1/10 compared to the price of genuine products.
  • There are also differences in color, pattern lines, etc. Of course, the seams will not be as beautiful and neat as Rep 1:1 products.

Instructions on how to distinguish between real and rep products 11

Cardina will show you how to differentiate based on a number of factors if you go shopping for shoes.

Look at the information on the shoe box

The packaging is a very important factor in determining whether the product is real or fake. When shopping for Auth products, you will definitely be provided with boxes and accompanying paper bags by the staff…

Of course, the box must be square, not distorted, and designed according to the manufacturer’s model. Product information is printed clearly and completely on the surface of the shoe box or on the stamp.

Besides brand information, the shoe box may also have some other information such as material, size, origin or place of production… And this information must be correct and match the product. Information printed inside shoes or on labels, invoices, etc.

But sadly, today’s counterfeiting technology can even imitate this information. At that time, you should carefully look at the printed words and images for sharpness or not? Are the colors blurred or pale,…

Based on the seam of the shoe

You can also rely on the seams of the shoes to distinguish between real and fake products. With Auth shoes, the seams will be extremely meticulous, straight and even. Meanwhile, fake goods will not be beautiful, the seams will be curved, they may even have the wrong stitches,…

Nowadays, there are also some very sophisticated forms of fake goods, with extremely meticulous and delicate seams. You need to choose and check carefully to avoid buying fake products.

Check the uvula

Another way to differentiate when buying shoes for yourself is to check the inside of the tongue of the shoe. Normally, the inside of the tongue will have additional information stamps. Some even have serial numbers, barcodes, etc.

You can use this information to check your shoes. It is even necessary to see whether the information printed on the tongue is solid or not, and whether the letters are clear or not. If you find them loose or fuzzy, you should not buy them.

Check the uvula
Check the uvula

Check the shoe insoles

Finally, you can check the shoe insoles to distinguish between Auth and Rep products. If it is a genuine product, the pad will be glued extremely firmly, delicately and without any glue leaking out. Meanwhile, Fake goods will often be arranged poorly, look very sloppy, easily peel or fall off when exposed to water, friction, transportation, etc.

Are rep products good? Should I buy rep products?

Reality shows that there are many people buying and using Rep products. So is this a good idea or not? With us, we only give you advice to use the item that suits your financial situation. Do not try to buy fake products for satisfaction or to show off. Choose cheaper brands. For example, using Local Brand items. You don’t have to use luxury items to show your style.

Using or abetting counterfeit goods can even be a violation of the law. Using fake products also affects the brand you love. Therefore, you should consider carefully before deciding to buy any item.

What to note when shopping for Rep products

Genuine items and 1:1 Rep products are really difficult to distinguish from each other. Many fake items are actually made, more beautiful than genuine items, so when shopping, you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Choose a reputable sales unit, do not sell 1:1 Rep products but say they are genuine. Selling at the same price as the real product to take advantage of customers.
  • When choosing to buy, you should check carefully, maybe you should ask someone with experience to buy for you.

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Above are Roostershirt shares about rep or rep 11 goods. Of course, using and promoting counterfeit goods is wrong, so depending on your financial situation, you can choose more popular brands. Instead of having to buy that expensive brand. Hope this article will help you when having trouble with rep 11.

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