What is Like Auth? What is Like Auth goods? Distinguish between Auth and Like Auth products

Distinguish between Auth and Like Auth products

Many of you wonder what “like auth” is? Are Like auth products Auth products? Today’s article will help you answer in detail.

What is Like Auth?

The term Like Auth is most often mentioned in the fashion industry. Like Auth is used to refer to products with design and quality equivalent to genuine products. However, the truth is that Like Auth is still just a counterfeit product, not a genuine product.

When buying Like Auth products, you will not enjoy the preferential policies and after-sale customer care of the original brand. In addition, using Like Auth items does not respect the genuine brand.

However, Like Auth products still have a huge market because of their low price, only 1/3 or even less than 1/2 of the listed price. This is also the reason why Like Auth items appear everywhere.

What is 1:1 Like auth?

Similar to Like Auth products, Like Auth 1:1 or rep 1:1 are all imitation products of genuine products. However, according to assessments, Like Auth 1:1 products will be better completed than Like Auth. Along with this, the price of Like Auth 1:1 is also more expensive.

What is a super quality product like auth?

Super Like Auth is just a concept created by nefarious sellers to sell fake goods regardless. Many of you have been “led in” by these seemingly cool concepts.

The perfection of super quality products like auth is considered to be 90 – 98% similar to the real product. However, that is not the reason to equate fake products with genuine products. This is a violation of intellectual property rights.

What is a super quality product like auth
What is a super quality product like auth

Should I buy products like auth?

With a low price and not too bad quality, many people consider using products like auth as a way to save costs and still be able to show off to everyone. However, we do not encourage you to use Like Auth products because they are fake products. Using fake goods is helping illegal traders.

Furthermore, like auth products are not guaranteed to be of the same quality as genuine products. If you use food or cosmetics, you should not use like auth. For the best experience, use genuine products. If you don’t have enough finances, you can find products at cheaper prices by buying outlet goods or buying used, secondhand goods…

Distinguish between Like Auth products and Authentic products

Because of the similarity, many people who are not knowledgeable about the brand are tricked into buying fake products at real prices. The phenomenon of mixing Auth and Like auth products for sale is no longer a rare phenomenon. Especially with cosmetic products, jewelry, handbags or shoes, clothes….

How to Distinguish between Like Auth products and Authentic products? Let’s see Cardina’s share below.

Auth or authentic goods are only genuine goods. It is copyrighted and trademarked worldwide.

To distinguish Like Auth products from Authentic products, pay attention to the following characteristics:

Check anti-counterfeit stamps

Check the product you buy and use the counterfeit label under light to identify it. Some genuine anti-counterfeit stamps will use UV rays to check. Genuine stamp images are also sharp, prints and colors are detailed, not blurred. You can also look at the characters, length, short,… to distinguish.

Check anti counterfeit stamps
Check anti counterfeit stamps

Insurance card

Check the warranty card that comes with the product you purchased to check the information about the manufacturing date, product serial number, warranty validity date….

Information on product packaging

Even on the product introduction information on the packaging, you can identify whether the product is like auth or auth product. Check the font, size, printing method…

Scan the QR code

Years ago, by scanning a QR code, you could distinguish up to 99% of real and fake goods. Nowadays, counterfeiters are more sophisticated and can even fake QR codes. But you can also check this way and compare it with information on the company’s website or official channels.

Feel with your hands and eyes

You can also feel the material or color with your eyes, hands, or some people can even smell it. People who have experience in distinguishing or have been exposed to genuine products a lot will be able to easily do this.

Buy at official distribution stores

To buy genuine products at good prices, you should buy products at genuine distribution stores or retail locations of that brand.

When you buy here, you are not only assured of product quality but also enjoy the brand’s promotional policies. When you have a problem with the product, it will be resolved satisfactorily.

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Above are Roostershirt shares about what Like auth products are as well as some ways to distinguish between genuine products (authentic) and fake products (Like auth). Hopefully this fashion knowledge article will help you buy more confidently, and the money you spend will get a worthy product.

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