What is limited goods? Why is it so expensive but still so sought after?

What is limited goods

Surely we have heard a lot about the term limited goods, it is used a lot in the shopping field. So do you know what limited goods are? Why is it so loved and welcomed? Let’s find out more with Roostershirt through the article below!

What is limited goods?

Limited goods is a term used to refer to products and services that are produced and provided in certain quantities, usually very small and not everyone has the opportunity to own them. This often comes from the business strategy of sellers when they want to increase brand value, increase product value as well as create shopping inspiration for customers. There are also products that are truly limited products because they are made from truly scarce materials.

Limited products

Limited items are used a lot in shopping or marketing, but in particular, they appear in almost every business field from technology, fashion to art.

Fashion, shoes, accessories:
Often large and famous fashion brands will release limited collections or limited editions of certain products. Or there are products that are demoed in advance and create strong effects from users, fashion companies will only produce in certain quantities to create opportunities to build brand value.

Electronics and technology:
You will see many limited editions of cell phones, laptops or unique technology toys that you have to hunt hard to get.

Toys and decorations:
Most often we see collections of models, there are even extremely rare models and toys. Decorative items such as paintings with great artistic value and by legendary names are also considered limited goods.

Jewelry, cosmetics, perfume…:
This is also an item with many limited products that not everyone has the opportunity to own.

There are also many other fields such as books, music, vehicles, cars, crafts, processing…

Why are limited goods so sought after
Why are limited goods so sought after

Why are limited goods so sought after?

Limited goods are always very expensive, but why are they still so sought after? That’s from the reasons below.

Uniqueness and artistry
First of all, we must see that limited items are unique, valuable and extremely eye-catching products, not everyone can create them. It could be a product of crazy creativity. Or created by artists and big names in that field. And above all, it must create high aesthetic or unique artistic value.

Create scarcity
This is an important factor to create the appeal of limited goods. The limited quantity will determine the rarity and originality of that product. It will stimulate customers’ excitement when they are the ones who can own it, which not everyone with money can do.

Create a special feeling to stimulate shopping
Thanks to scarcity, thanks to the marketing strategy that taps into customers’ “unique” psychology, limited products always create shopping excitement. It brings something special to the buyer when they feel proud of themselves, or see themselves becoming more wonderful in the eyes of those around them. The more praise people receive, the more they love limitation.

Time limit
Limited goods are usually only sold for a short time, which can be an hour, a day or a week. That pushes buyers to make a quick decision to own that item immediately. So even though it’s expensive, it can still sell out as soon as it goes on sale.

Enhance buyer and seller value
This is understandable because the more rare it is, the more valuable the product will be. People who buy this item also create their own value. This is also how brands build their brands. Imagine you own a Hermes bag that is limited to only 5 pieces in the world. You are definitely on another level.

Interested and passionate about collecting
People are only interested in collecting things that not everyone has, and cannot be found everywhere. This is also the current trend, as life becomes more fulfilling, people will begin to pursue personal interests that may not be the same as anyone else’s.

Some world-famous limited products
When mentioning limited goods, what products do you immediately think of? Let’s take a look at the names that have been very successful in creating these limited items!

  • Iphone: It can be seen that every year Apple will release a special limited edition of the Iphone with the name (PRODUCT)RED. It not only creates brand value but also aims to raise funds to support the campaign against HIV/AIDS.
  • Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman”: One of the world famous watches, extremely valuable, even if you are a millionaire, sometimes you cannot own it.
  • Nike Air Jordan: This is a fashion shoe company that regularly releases the most limited editions, they often combine with famous artists to create their own value and brand.
  • Hermès handbags: When talking about limited edition handbags, you certainly cannot ignore Hermès products. The most famous is probably the bag made from super rare albino crocodile skin.
  • LES CHAÎNES DE CHANEL: Talking about cosmetic lines, this is definitely a limited product that is taking the beauty world by storm. Chanel’s limited edition makeup set combines classic and modern artful images.

Online limited product hunts

Hunting for limited goods is difficult, but it’s also very easy. It’s like a battle where whoever is quick will be able to own the item that many people dream of. First, you have to follow all the official information pages of the seller, from Website, Facebook, Instagram… But most of the time, the Website is the place that provides complete, official and fastest updated information.

Online limited product hunts
Online limited product hunts

After you have all the information, when it is time to open the sale, you must come first, in a space with a very fast – strong network. And most importantly, the payment part, which often requires using bank cards, visas or through payment applications. If you pay quickly, the possibility of getting the goods is greater.

Distinguish limited goods from some other concepts

Exclusive product
This product is not only limited in quantity produced and sold but also exclusive in distribution. The rule is that only certain locations and specific stores are allowed to sell.

Special version
Refers to products with unique features, designed with special materials compared to regular versions. It may be similar to other products but is composed of a special “ingredient”.

Independent goods
This can also be considered a form of limited goods. The products are created by independent workers, freelance artists or not affiliated with any company and they are produced in limited quantities.

What is limited edition fashion?

These are limited edition items released on holidays or special events. They will often have a unique design, coinciding with the theme of the released collection, but are sold in extremely small quantities.

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