What are warm colors and cool colors? Principles of hot and cold color mixing in fashion

What are warm colors

For those who are passionate about color matching, especially in the fashion industry, the words warm and cool colors are certainly no longer strange. So what are warm colors and cool colors? What is the meaning and what are the principles of coordination between these two color tones? Join Roostershirt to learn more through the article below!

What are warm colors? What colors are included?

Warm colors are colors that make us think of high temperatures, often have bright tones, creating a comfortable feeling when looking at them. Warm colors are the true love of dark-skinned people as they clearly highlight skin tone. In feng shui, these colors are very suitable for people with fire and earth elements.

Warm colors include basic colors such as orange, red, yellow, burgundy, warm red, orange-brown, yellow-brown, orange-yellow…

What are cool colors? What colors are included?

In contrast to warm colors, cool colors are colors that bring freshness, gentleness, are the colors of lushness and comfort. You can think of the blue of the sky, of water, of nature bringing relaxation. According to feng shui, this color tone is suitable for people with water and metal elements.

Cool colors include colors such as blue, green, light purple, jade, pastel blue… The characteristic of this color is that it is often used in summer and autumn to create a softer look in the house. the sweltering sun.

Meaning of hot and cold color palette

Warm and cold colors, in addition to creating color diversity, are also a way for people to distinguish between color tones as a premise for design work, color mixing in decor, fashion… Cool and cold color combinations. Warm colors bring advantages such as:

  • Create harmony, comfort, highlights, and highlights when looking at an outfit, a painting, or a decor space.
  • Each color will bring a special meaning, some are warm and some are cool, just like we harmonize yin and yang, the meaning of colors also shows the meaning of each person.

Principles of coordinating clothes with warm and cold colors

Hot and cold color combinations are one of the classic principles of design that almost everyone must understand to express their own taste. Below are some color combination suggestions that you should not ignore.

Principles of coordinating clothes with warm and cold colors
Principles of coordinating clothes with warm and cold colors

Principle of colorless color combination

This color scheme will use three main colors including white, black, gray and not use any other colors. Based on this principle, you will have some color combinations as follows:

  • Mix adjacent colors: Use colors that are adjacent to each other according to the color wheel.
  • Color clash: Use colors to the right or left of complementary colors on the color wheel.
  • Complementary color schemes: Use colors opposite each other to mix & match
  • Monochrome color scheme: Use a monochrome color as a highlight and in turn combine it with similar color tones.

Principle of neutral color combination

Neutral color scheme is choosing one color as the main color, then combining with lighter or darker colors with that main color. According to this principle, we have a number of mixing methods as follows:

  • Partial complementary combination: Use the main color combined with 2 colors on either side of the complementary color.
  • Basic color scheme: Use three main colors including red, yellow, blue of the warm and cool color palette.
  • Level 2 complementary color combination: Use the main color to combine with 2 additional colors at level 2
  • Level 3 complementary color scheme: Choose a main color and combine it with two complementary colors at level 3.

Note: Complementary colors are two colors that are close to each other and have the ability to support and enhance each other.

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Above is some information and principles about warm and cool colors that Roostershirt wants to share with you. Mastering these things will help you improve your aesthetics. Follow the website Roostershirt.com for more interesting fashion tips!