What is the standard bra size chart? Simple way to measure bra size

Why is it necessary to determine the correct bra size

Choosing a bra that fits well not only brings comfort but also provides excellent breast lift. Your physique also looks more balanced. When dressed, it is also beautiful and flattering. So what is the standard bra size chart? What to keep in mind when choosing to buy a bra? In today’s article, Roostershirt will help you understand and know the most accurate way to measure your bust size.

Why is it necessary to determine the correct bra size?

Choosing the size of underwear is as important as the outer items. Especially with bras, it is even more important. So why is choosing bra size so important? Let’s find out with Cardina right away.

The right size will protect your bust

The bust is a very sensitive part for women. Not only is it vulnerable when not properly protected, but it can also affect your health. Using a bra is the simplest and most effective way to protect your bust.

A bra of the right size will be able to lift the breasts and be comfortable and pleasant when moving or exercising. In addition, it also helps make women’s breasts look fuller.

Make her more attractive

A bra of the right size will help support a woman’s bust. It not only prevents sagging but also looks fuller when wearing clothes. Especially wearing evening gowns or office clothes will make you look much prettier.

How to measure bust size for women

The only way to choose the right bra for you is to know your bust size. So how to measure and determine these numbers most accurately? You need to prepare a tape measure, paper and pen. Then do the following steps:

How to measure bust size for women
How to measure bust size for women

Step 1: Measure bust size
Use a tape measure to measure your bust, also known as your waist circumference. Note that you should choose a soft tape measure with cm numbers to get the most accurate results.

Step 2: Measure and determine the top of the chest measurement
The next measurement you need to determine is the top of the chest, which is also the highest part of the bust. You should let the measuring tape fit well, not too stretched nor too loose. Avoid measuring out size errors.
– Especially when measuring your chest, you should wear thin shirts to measure or measure directly to get the most accurate number.

Step 3: Compare and determine the appropriate bra size
– Bra size = Top of bust size – base of bust size.
– After getting the number, you will compare it based on the following table to determine the appropriate shirt size. Measurements are usually in inches or centimeters.

For example: If you have shirt size A80 then:
– Chest measurement is 80
– Waist measurement is about 78 – 82 cm
– Cup A is the difference between this subtraction. About 12-14cm.

International standard bra size chart

International standard bra size chart
International standard bra size chart

With international bra models commonly used worldwide, inches are often used. Such as size 32, 34, 36,… Corresponding to this measurement are 70 cm, 75cm and 80cm.

Specifically we have the following table:

  • Bust size 76 – 79 cm according to the UK size chart will be size 4. EU size is 32 (use inches). Internationally, using sizes in the order S, M, L,… is equivalent to 3XS.
  • Sizes 80 cm to 83 cm will be equivalent to size 6 UK, 34 EU and international 2XS.
  • Sizes 84 cm to 87 cm are UK size 8, EU size 36 and are manufactured according to international shirt sizes.
  • ….

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Likewise, just by looking at these size tables, you can determine which shirt to wear according to your bust size. If you still don’t understand thoroughly, don’t hesitate to inbox Roostershirt immediately to get the fastest advice from her experts.