Basic body shapes, how to recognize and choose the most suitable outfit

Basic body shapes

Body shape is one of the important factors that shape each person’s style. There is no perfect body shape, so knowing how to determine it will help you choose a more suitable and beautiful fashion style. Below, join Roostershirt to find out what body types there are, how to recognize them and choose appropriate clothing.

Basic body shapes

According to research, there are up to 12 body types, but only a few of them are popular and well known. Let’s find out what those 12 body types are and which type you belong to!

Hourglass shape

This is definitely the most standard body shape and also the desire of many girls. The shape with three clear rings, especially emphasized at the waist, makes the owner even more attractive. People who own this body type are also very lucky. When they gain weight, they will gain three rounds evenly and vice versa. But be careful not to be too skinny because your breasts and buttocks will be flat and you won’t look pretty in clothes.

With this body shape, it is very easy to coordinate clothes, almost anything can be worn. But to show off that beauty, prioritize choosing clothes that hug your body and tuck in to easily see your slim waist.

Rectangular shape

The characteristic of rectangular-shaped people is that the waist is not clearly defined compared to the chest and buttocks. The shoulders will usually be roughly the same size as the buttocks, without curves and the buttocks, and the breasts will usually only be small or medium in size.

The rectangular body shape is also considered one of the easiest body shapes to dress. Choose clothes with elastic waistbands to create “shape-hacking” curves. Focus on shirts with exposed necklines such as off-the-shoulder, boat neck, round neck, V or bustier necklines. For pants, choose straight-leg, high-waisted pants to make your flat butt less obvious.

Flower vase shape

This is also a quite familiar figure, especially in Asia. The characteristics of the flower vase shape are quite similar to the rectangular shape, but the curves will be more obvious. However, the waist is often longer and smaller than normal people, and the bust and hips are similar. The disadvantage is that the biceps are quite large or prone to “shoulder lumps”.

What clothes should vase-shaped people wear? Prioritize clothes that accentuate your waist. At the same time, choose a shirt style that covers the biceps that are not slim. High-waisted pants will suit the vase shape because they can hide a slightly long waist.

Apple shape

The defining characteristic of people with an apple shape is that they do not have a clear waist, often have a belly that is prone to fat and protrusion, and a rather large bust. This body shape is often concentrated in people over the age of 40 when the body has aged and is no longer toned, so it is easy to have “sagging fat”. Even though the butt is a bit chubby, in return it will have advantages such as small thighs and slim legs.

To mix & match fashion items with apple shape, you should note the following points: shift attention to the upper or lower part, avoiding the belly area; Create balance in the shoulders to make the body look more balanced; Avoid wearing clothes that draw attention to your waist; Neutral clothes will be quite suitable for this body type.

Apple shape
Apple shape

Pear shape

The pear shape is often characterized by a small upper body, slim waist but very large hips and buttocks. These people are often very proud of their extremely attractive round buttocks. However, small shoulders will become a fatal weakness if you do not choose the right outfit.

Pear people have a hard time choosing clothes because they are actually out of balance. Some ideal items to choose from are: high-waisted straight dresses, high-waisted pants, high-waisted flared dresses, A-line dresses, slit dresses, clothes with waist-cinching belts, and shirts with stiff and wide shoulders.

Inverted triangle shape

This is the opposite of a pear body shape, characterized by broad, big shoulders, large breasts, but rather small hips and buttocks. This body shape looks very bulky, somewhat rough, not light and balanced. This style will be more suitable for men than women. But if you were born with this body, don’t be too self-conscious because there are still ways for you to hide the flaws you don’t have.

The types of clothes that an inverted triangle shape should wear include: clothes with light, drapey materials to create a softer feeling. Create curves for your body with waist-cinching outfits and high-waisted pants. You should avoid choosing two-strap, low-shoulder or halter neck tops. Tight pants like skinny and leggings are also not a reasonable choice.

Brick shape

This body type is often popular in European countries with people being tall, slim, with compact measurements, often quite toned and somewhat stiff. The most noticeable is having broad, horizontal, stiff shoulders, waist and hips are often the same measurement. When gaining weight, it often focuses on the abdomen, hips and waist areas.

Because your body lacks soft curves, you should prioritize choosing shirts with a waist belt or waistband. High-waisted pants with straight legs will help you shape your body better. If your shoulders are too stiff, you can delicately put on an outer shirt to cover it up!

Lollipop shape

The characteristic of this body shape is that the chest is large, prominent on the whole body but not too exaggerated. The shoulders are also wide, usually equal to the hips, the waist is small, the hips are straight but the butt is quite small. The biggest advantage of the lollipop shape is that it has long, slim legs. Even if you gain weight, it doesn’t look too different.

The lollipop body type is often classified as attractive, so prioritize choosing loose skirts combined with tops and jeans except skinny jeans. Avoid wearing loose clothes and high heels to make yourself look “flabby”. Prioritize shirts and skirts that can show off your attractive bust.

Bell shape

The characteristic of a bell shape is that the buttocks and thighs are much larger than other parts of the body. To distinguish it from a pear shape, you can notice that bell-shaped hips are often wider than the chest and shoulders. The small disadvantage here is that the shoulders are small, quite short, the chest and waist are also small, the distance from the waist to the navel is short, so there are often cases where people say “legs reach the armpit”.

What should this body type wear? Prioritize streamlined outfits, neutral colors and not too many patterns. You should choose dresses with wide shoulders and slightly straight form. If you wear tight clothes, you should combine them with loose and long shirts. For young people with this body shape, the familiar trendy oversize outfit is extremely suitable.

Wine glass shape

The advantage of the wine glass shape is that the bust is larger and more developed, so it often creates a slim, toned waist and long legs. However, the big drawback here is that the buttocks are not round and round, looking quite flat and unattractive.

Because you have quite broad shoulders, you should choose clothes that can highlight your chest, and shirts with stylized necklines are also very suitable. In addition, the wine glass shape is also suitable for jeans, but you should avoid wide-legged or baggy pants.

Bowling figure

This body shape is probably quite strange to many people but it is very common. Characteristics are that they often have large hips, slim waist, big thighs and both thighs often curve up evenly. This also easily makes the calves look big and firm, so the disadvantages are still more in the legs.

This body shape is not too difficult to choose, but the simpler it is, the more beautiful it will be. You should choose flared dresses and wide-leg pants to cover your rather large legs. Accentuate your upper body so it doesn’t look unbalanced. Two-piece, off-the-shoulder shirts are very suitable for the bowling look.

Cello shape

The characteristics of this body type are having a big butt, a short waist, and quite long legs. This body shape is also beautiful, popular with many people, and especially easy to coordinate.

The guitar shape is very suitable for clothes with elaborate designs and patterns, and bold tailoring. Dress models with wide waistbands will help balance the body and hide the short waist. Outfits with high-waisted pants and crop tops are very popular with many girls.

The simplest way to determine body shape

Once you know how many body shapes there are, their characteristics and how to choose suitable clothes, the important thing that people care about is how to accurately identify their body shape. You can apply the methods below

The simplest way to determine body shape
The simplest way to determine body shape

Take body measurements

You must know your body measurements to use as a reference to determine which parts of your body are strong and which are weak. This will be the first step for you to cross out the designs that are not suitable for you.

Identify body circumferences

After the initial step of eliminating unsuitable clothes, continue measuring to get the most accurate parameters.

  • Measure the largest bust, usually at the center of the chest, where the bulge is visible.
  • Measure the smallest part of the waist, which is a little above the navel. Some people with a fairly obvious waist will measure the smallest part.
  • Measure the widest part of your hips, which is at the level of your crotch.

Compare and identify

Once you know the exact measurements, you just need to compare them with parameters from the body shape, or estimate from the characteristics of that body shape. Specifically, you will determine the characteristics that Cardina pointed out in the article.

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Above are the most basic body shapes that this article shares with you. Determining which type you belong to will shape your style and prevent you from wearing bad clothes. Don’t forget to follow Roostershirt to choose appropriate outfits as well as learn many other interesting beauty tips!

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