20 world famous women’s handbag brands

20 world famous women's handbag brands

Handbags are one of the indispensable fashion accessories for women. It not only helps an outfit have more highlights, a convenient item when going out, but also increases the value of the user. If you are looking to buy a suitable bag for yourself, below are the most famous women’s handbag brands in the world that you can refer to.

20 world famous women’s handbag brands

Louis Vuitton handbags

Louis Vuitton or LV is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. The handbags of this brand always exude luxury and class thanks to highly identifiable patterns. LV is famous for its handbags made from 100% genuine leather and handcrafted by famous artisans.

Some famous Louis Vuitton bag lines are: Speedy, Neverfull, Keepall, Capucines, Twist, Alma, Petite Malle…

Chanel handbags – World famous women’s handbag brands

Chanel is a brand from France, famous for its high-quality fashion lines and handbag accessories, streamlined and sophisticated in every detail. The fashion house focuses on creating highly functional bags, meticulously handcrafted and from the highest quality materials.

Famous Chanel bag lines that you must know: Classic Flap Bag, Boy Bag, Gabrielle Bag, Coco Handle Bag, Chanel 19 Bag, Shopping Tote (GST), Camera Case Bag, Chanel 31 Bag…

Women’s handbag brand Gucci

Continuing to be a luxury women’s handbag brand that any girl wants to own. Diamond-patterned, diamond-shaped or striped bags with unique color combinations have become symbols of luxury and value. The fashion house is also very interested in fashion in handbags. Even if you just mix simple clothes, just holding a Gucci bag will make you look extremely arrogant.

Famous bag lines that cause fever in the fashion world include: Gucci GG Marmont, Gucci Dionysus, Soho Disco Bag, Jackie 1961 Bag, Bamboo Bag, Rajah Tote, Ophidia Bag, Padlock Bag, Sylvie Bag, Gucci Zumi Bag…

Women's handbag brand Gucci
Women’s handbag brand Gucci

Dior handbags – World famous women’s handbag brands

Christian Dior is certainly no longer a strange name to us, this is a luxury brand from France. This brand’s handbag models always emphasize femininity, luxury and class. Every Dior bag model released is enthusiastically sought after, especially by celebrities.

Dior’s brightest handbag models: Lady Dior Bag, Dior Book Tote Bag, Dior Saddle Bag, Diorama Bag, Lady D-Lite Bag, 30 Montaigne Bag. Caro Bag, Dior Bobby Bag, Diorissimo Bag, Dior Oblique Bag…

Hermès handbags

Luxury and extravagance are beautiful words used to describe Hermès handbags. This brand always produces product lines to serve the French aristocracy, and is currently a “representative” product for the wealthy class around the world. In particular, bags made from genuine leather are extremely expensive and are limited in quantity, so you don’t have to have money to buy them.

Extremely famous Hermès bag models such as: Birkin Bag, Kelly Bag, Constance Bag, Evelyne Bag, Garden Party Tote, Jypsiere Bag, Picotin Bag, Bolide Bag, Halzan Bag, Epsom Constance Wallet…

Women’s handbag brand Prada – World famous women’s handbag brands

If you are looking for a women’s handbag brand that is both high-end, youthful and highly practical, Prada is the perfect choice. This brand targets the image of young, dynamic and trendy girls. You can easily combine a Prada bag with many items in many different styles.

The most popular famous bag lines today include: Galleria Bag, Cahier Bag, Re-Edition Bag, Double Bag, Nylon Backpack, Odette Bag, Cleo Bag, Sidonie Bag, Panier Bag, Diagramme Bag…

Burberry handbags

Burberry is a famous fashion brand in which handbags are one of the business lines that receive a lot of attention. Burberry products always want to create a personal impression and unique value for its owner. The colors always aim for a classic image mixed with a bit of modernity, highly convenient and comfortable to mix & match with many items.

Famous Burberry handbag lines include: Banner Bag, Society Top Handle Bag, Lola Bag, Hampshire Bag, Olympia Bag, Pocket Bag, Burberry TB Bag, Lola Belt Bag, Society Shoulder Bag, Burberry Title Bag…

Versace handbags – World famous women’s handbag brands

Versace is one of the Italian fashion icons with absolute sophistication and perfection in every product. Versace handbags bring a luxurious look like those of arrogant and rich ladies. These are all bags with high value, both convenient and high-class for long-term investment. Especially compared to the above high-end brands, Versace has a quite affordable price.

Versace bag lines that you can refer to are: Palazzo Empire Bag, Virtus Bag, Tribute Bag, Icon Bag, Chain Reaction Bag, Signature Bag, Barocco Bag, Medusa Stud Bag, Vanitas Bag, Medusa Lock Bag…

Versace handbags World famous women's handbag brands
Versace handbags World famous women’s handbag brands

Fendi handbags

When it comes to luxury handbags, Fendi certainly cannot be ignored. This is an Italian brand, so the brand’s designs always bring a luxurious, classy and somewhat classic image. However, Fendi still respects each person’s individuality, so it produces many product lines to serve many different styles.

If you are an urban and sophisticated girl, you definitely cannot miss these Fendi products: Peekaboo Bag, Baguette Bag, Mon Tresor Bucket Bag, Kan I Bag, Baguette Friends Forever, Selleria Bag, Kan U Bag , DotCom Bag, Runaway Bag, Fendi By The Way Bag…

Women’s handbag brand Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) – World famous women’s handbag brands

YSL is a globally famous women’s handbag brand thanks to its new perspectives in fashion, the brand offers product lines that are very unique and not boring. To get a product to customers, YSL is extremely careful from material selection to every stitch. Bags with smooth designs and beautiful shapes are the best-selling products of this fashion house.

Some products that you may be interested in from Yves Saint Laurent (YSL): Loulou Bag, Sac de Jour Bag, Kate Bag, Envelope Bag, Niki Bag, Sunset Bag, Cassandra Bag, Toy Loulou Bag, College Bag, YSL Tote Bag…

Givenchy handbags

A women’s handbag brand from France founded in the 20th century, it is considered one of the brands with creative ideas ahead of its time. Givenchy products always bring an elegant, modern look, and are an accessory that creates a highlight for outfits. This fashion house is famous for its large, plain and monochrome handbags, but if you look closely, you will see the sophistication and meticulousness.

Givenchy’s most popular product lines include: Antigona Bag, Pandora Bag, GV3 Bag, Infinity Bag, Eden Bag, Mystic Bag, Whip Bag, ID Bag, Shark Lock Bag, Bow Cut Bag…

Celine handbag – World famous women’s handbag brands

Céline also belongs to the line of high-end fashion brands, in which handbag products are sought after by fashionistas around the world. This brand focuses on streamlined products, suitable for everyday use and promotes the value of modern fashion. Some famous product lines include: Luggage Bag, Trio Bag, Cabas Bag, Classic Box Bag, Belt Bag, Edge Bag, Big Bag, Clasp Bag, Ring Ba, Triomphe Bag…

Women’s handbag brand Michael Kors

Michael Kors handbags always impress with their elegant appearance, simple design but still bring a classy look. The brand’s products are always made from high quality materials, especially genuine leather products with a lifespan of 4 to 5 years. The expression is not at all fussy or cumbersome, always putting simplicity first and class expressed through the sophistication in each stitch.

Michael Kors’ best-selling bag models include: Kors Jet Set Tote, Kors Selma Bag, Kors Hamilton Bag, Bedford Bag, Sloan Bag, Mercer Bag, Whitney Bag, Riley Bag, Cynthia Bag, Kors Ginny Bag…

Coach handbags – World famous women’s handbag brands

Coach receives the love of fashionistas with highly applicable and extremely trendy products. When you have a lot of personal items and want a bag to go out that is both high-class and convenient, Coach is always an ideal choice. That’s why people now love this brand’s products so much.

Some of the most popular bag lines today: Signature Collection, Rogue Bag, Parker Bag, Tabby Bag, Willis Bag, Cassie Crossbody Bag, Dreamer Bag, Borough Bag, Sutton Bag, Hutton Bag…

Coach handbags World famous women's handbag brands
Coach handbags World famous women’s handbag brands

Kate Spade handbags

Kate Spade always brings customers extremely unique handbags, combining traditional shapes with creative modern inspiration. The brand also does not hesitate to produce products with outstanding and somewhat “dazzling” colors so that people can freely express their personality. From a classy girl, to an office lady or an active girl on the street. You can absolutely choose your own bag when entering Kate Spade’s store.

Product lines worth choosing: Kate Spade New York Cameron Street Collection, New York Margaux Collection, New York Polly Collection, New York Nicola Collection, New York Sylvia Collection, New York Hayes Street Collection, New York Spencer Collection, New York Polly Large Tote, New York Cameron Convertible Crossbody, New York Greta Court Collection.

Women’s handbag brand MLB Korea – World famous women’s handbag brands

One of the famous women’s handbag brands in Vietnam cannot be ignored Korean MLB. The products of this fashion house always bring a unique look with outstanding, easily identifiable designs. MLB is a special combination of dynamic sports style and trendy personality, with a touch of elegance in each item. These products are popular with young people who like to express their own personality. If you want a personal touch, don’t miss MLB Korea’s products.

JW Anderson handbags

JW Anderson brings to the market products that are highly sophisticated and extremely fashionable. Handbags are a blend of the strength of men and the femininity of women. JW seems to go against the standards of beauty, bringing a different and new look through its products.

Popular product lines today include: Pierce Bag, Logo Purse, Bike Bag, Latch Bag, Disc Bag, Cap Bag, Keyts Bag, Gate Bag, Logo Chain Bag, Belt Bag…

Charles & Keith handbags – World famous women’s handbag brands

A quite familiar brand from Singapore, bringing simple, highly applicable designs. This brand wants its products to be loved by every girl, so they prioritize simplicity, easy-to-use design and especially affordable prices. Charles & Keith focuses heavily on product lines such as handbags, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, crossbody bags, party bags, work bags, tote bags, shopping bags…

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Above are famous women’s handbag brands that Roostershirt wants to share with you. Choose the fashion house you love the most to create your own value and personality. And don’t forget to follow Roostershirt Store to enjoy shopping and learn more interesting fashion knowledge.

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