Personal Color and how to determine your color

What are personal colors

Recently, the beauty trend based on individual colors has attracted a lot of attention. Determining your color scheme will help you choose the right outfit, hairstyle or makeup to make yourself stand out more. So what is the personal color here? How to determine? Let’s find out with Roostershirt through the article below!

What are personal colors?

Personal color refers to color groups that are suitable for each person. It is based on many factors such as skin color, hair color, body shape, facial features… to come up with the appropriate color scheme.

This beauty trend comes from Korea and is shared by many beauty experts. It is widely known thanks to its application to famous people such as Idols and actors, thereby building a personal brand for each person. This beauty method has been around for a long time, but only now has many people really noticed it.

In fact, each person will suit their own color group. You can see that many people wearing this color of shirt have dull skin, but when wearing a leather jacket, it brightens up. That is the effect of suitable and incompatible colors. When you determine your own color scheme, you will know the most suitable way to change clothes, hairstyles, makeup, accessories…

Individual color groups

Experts divide colors into 4 groups corresponding to Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter (Winter, cold).

Spring color group

Spring door colors, of newness, freshness, immaturity and also very sweet. These colors often have tones of flowers and leaves, of budding plants, so they have pastel properties such as: light yellow, light pink, green… People suitable for this color group usually have warm skin tones.

Summer color group

Summer is dynamism, enthusiasm and youth, the season of going outside to have fun and run around. Therefore, people will favor cool colors, bringing comfort and a soothing look to those around them. For example, the blue of the sky and the earth, the purple of cloves, yellow or pink… People with cool undertones who are suitable for this color group will be people with cool undertones.

Autumn color group

Autumn brings something a bit sad, peaceful, warm, the colors show slowness, chill and introspection. So it will have neutral tones such as burnt orange, beige, brown, cream, olive green, the color of sunsets, late afternoons… But people with warm tones will belong to this group.

Winter color group

Winter represents the cold, the colors represent quiet, cold but also very luxurious. The colors are usually very bold and sharp such as wine red, white, gray, gray, black… People in this group will have cold undertones.

Winter color group
Winter color group

How is a color suitable for you?

There are three factors to determine which color is right for you:

First, enhance the skin: Enhancement here is not purely about making everything white to be beautiful. Even if your skin is dark, it still has to highlight that healthy, strong and free beauty.

Second, matching eye color: You may not have noticed, but eye color also has a clear distribution between countries, regions and even individuals. Such as brown eye color, black eye color, blue, chestnut, amber, gray, green and in which brown accounts for 70 – 78%.

Third, match your hair color: Your natural hair color is a huge deciding factor in your personal color. Black hair color alone is divided into many different tones. Not to mention, each region will have different natural hair colors such as brown, white, platinum…

Benefits of choosing personal colors

What will choosing your personal color do for you? Bring the following benefits?

First, we can see that when we have the right color, we will feel much more confident, become brighter and more youthful. It will also help you shape your personal brand, ensuring it will always stand out and attract attention anytime, anywhere.

You will know how to choose clothes that suit you, thereby also reflecting your fashion taste, creating your own personality. You will even save a lot of money when you no longer try to find clothes that suit you. But just rely on your color to find suitable dresses.

You will be able to change your makeup style, choose eye color palettes, makeup colors or even lipstick colors to cover up flaws, making yourself look radiant and always full of energy.

How to determine personal color

There are many ways to determine personal color, you can apply some of the methods below.

Quick test according to the basic color palette
Quick test according to the basic color palette

Quick test according to the basic color palette

There will be color palettes for each color group, you just need to put your hand on it to see if it shines, is harmonious or darkens. This method is only about 70% accurate because it also depends on both the environment and the eye. It’s better to ask an expert for a better appraisal.

The important thing that you need to note is that each color group is divided into many different subgroups. From there, determine which color you are most compatible with. For example, the Spring color group also includes: Warm Spring, Light Spring and Clear Spring.

Specifically: Clear Spring people’s skin is usually neutral, neither too pink nor too yellow. Their hair is also mostly dark brown and their eyes are light brown. These people will suit orange or peach lipstick.

Deep Autumn usually has dark brown eyes, neutral skin tones, and thick, dark hair. These people are very suitable for deep red or dark red colors.

Light Summer is a person with light pink skin, a little yellowish, and eye color is light brown or moss brown, quite suitable for purple pink or pink.

Or Deep Winter are people with light pink skin tone, eye color is usually black or dark brown, and hair is also bright black like jet black. These people will suit dark lipstick and wear black and gray colors.

App to test personal colors

You are not wrong, currently on Android and IOS platforms there are Personal color applications with quite high accuracy. Usually it will have a color chart and you just need to test your skin on it and it will produce results.

Even on platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, there are filters for you to see which color group you belong to. However, this is just for reference only.

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Above is information about personal colors that Roostershirt wants to share with you. Choose the color that best suits you to become more beautiful and confident. And don’t forget to follow Roostershirt Blog to enjoy shopping and learn more interesting fashion knowledge.

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