What is tie dye? How should tie-dye fashion styles be mixed?

What is tie dye

Tie dye is also known for colorful T-shirts or hoodies. This is a fashion style that was extremely popular in the 70s of the last century.

Recently, young people have become interested in shirts that are tied and then dyed. From there, creating unique and innovative colorful details. Not only do they make 70s fashionistas nostalgic, but they also make today’s youth crazy.

So what is tie dye? Who is tie dye fashion for? What is the history of tie dye style? Or what’s the best way to coordinate tie-dye outfits? If you also have these questions, today’s article will help you answer them all.

What is tie dye?

Tie-dye is known as a type of fabric dyeing technique. Tie dye outfits will have completely different colors and patterns than traditional dyeing. While traditional dyes will promote color uniformity, the density of the overall piece of fabric or outfit when competing in tie dye is not the same.

Tie dye will have unevenness. Each dye session will be a different experience. Tie means to tie up, dye means to dye. After tying the clothes into any shape, you will drop the dye irregularly. This will help your shirt have a different look. Each piece of variegated colors or colorful colors… can make you feel comfortable.

To be able to tie dye your outfit, you don’t need too many tools. Just need a t-shirt, pants,… usually white, elastic band, dye, water and another important thing is anti-fade dye.

Some of you will “think the opposite” when using a colored shirt to erase the color already on it. This can also bring you unique and one-of-a-kind items.

Origin and history of tie dye

So where does tie dye come from? What is their history? Known well in the years 69 and 70 of the last century. However, tie dye actually originates from an Indian dyeing technique – Bandhani.

The Indus civilization made their costumes and dyeing techniques unique. With this type of dyeing, they will tightly weave fabric fibers together and then dye them, thereby creating the desired shapes, textures or patterns.

Until it was introduced to the West, tie dye style was used by more people. They were born to support peace movements, feminist or multi-ethnic ideas, etc. One great thing is that this dyeing technique is a big step forward, a premise. for new lifestyles and fashion styles such as hippie or bohemian…

Tie dye style outfits carry liberal colors, they represent the desire for freedom of this class of people. A society that is always equal, peaceful and free life…

There is also some information that tie dye or the patterns and colorful streaks of this style were inspired by LSD, a stimulant that causes hallucinations. This was also the time when this substance LSD was not banned.

In 1969, tie dye was first seen as a fashion style when it appeared at the Woodstock Music Festival. Then this style caused waves in the fashion world. The colorful outfits make young people unable to take their eyes off them. But they gradually lost popularity and entered a recession.

Until 2019, fashion designers of famous brands Prada or Dior,… brought them into their collections. Of course this brings tie dye back to life.

In 2023, this style will appear again in the designs of Alexander Mcqueen 2023 Spring. Even during the quarantine period due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the trend of DIY tie dye shirts has made this dyeing technique explode on Tiktok or other social networks,…

Application of tie dye

Application of tie dye
Application of tie dye

Tie dye t-shirt
Of course we can’t ignore tie dye t-shirts, right? As the top item on this list, the loose t-shirt really gives women outfits full of highlights and appeal.

Tie dye hat
Choose a wide-brimmed hat, baseball cap or bucket hat… these are all items you can try out

Tie dye spilled handbag
Super stylish handbag, loved by many girls.

Flared dress
She can also be gentle with a flared dress with a train neck or be bold with a two-strap tie dye dress,…

Tie dye pants
Pants items bring personality and rebellion that other items cannot bring.

Shoes with tie dye
A pair of shoes with variegated colors will also be a great highlight for your overall outfit.

Other costumes and accessories
In addition to the above items, tie dye also appears in accessories such as earrings, headbands, handkerchiefs, scarves,…

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Simply the creativity of each individual. With just a bottle of bleach and some dye, you can completely DIY yourself a stylish and attractive tie dye t-shirt. Combining with any outfit will bring a dynamic and youthful appearance. Wear a tie dye outfit now to welcome summer.

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