What is cold cotton fabric? Everything about cold cotton material

What is cold cotton fabric

What is cold cotton fabric is a question of many people. How is it different from regular cotton or organic cotton? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both cold cotton fabric? Let’s find out right away in today’s article from Roostershirt.

What is cold cotton fabric?

Cool cotton fabric is a similar material to regular cotton. However, cold cotton will have 2-5% spandex or poly added to overcome the disadvantages of natural cotton. With this smart combination, cold cotton has both the advantages of natural cotton and the advantages of spandex and poly. Cold cotton is also loved and widely used in all areas of life.

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Advantages and disadvantages of cold cotton fabric


This is one of the most used fabrics in the garment market. It certainly has many advantages, let’s see what those advantages are.

  • Very durable: Unlike natural cotton, cold cotton is much more durable and heat resistant. You can even use it in places with harsh weather. Completely assured about its longevity.
  • Cool and comfortable: This material is also highly appreciated by many people for its coolness. Wearing it in the summer is also very cool.
  • Quick drying: Cold cotton material is also highly appreciated for its ability to dry quickly. You can absolutely wear it without worrying about sweat in the summer. When dried, it also dries very quickly.
  • No wrinkles: Cold cotton has overcome the biggest disadvantage of cotton, which is that it easily wrinkles. With this type of fabric, you can comfortably wash it without worrying about your clothes becoming wrinkled and unsightly.
  • Safe for skin: The product has mild antibacterial properties so it is extremely safe to use. Especially with lingerie or home wear, this advantage is even more needed.


Besides the above advantages, this material also has some disadvantages as follows:

  • The same name is cold cotton, but if the % PE is high, the fabric’s ability to absorb sweat will be poor, which means that with a low % PE, it will shrink less. That’s why, depending on your needs, you can choose different types of cold cotton fabric.
  • Cold cotton has low heat resistance, so if the temperature is too high, it will be easily damaged. It is best not to use cold cotton clothes in environments with temperatures above 180 degrees Celsius.

Application of cold cotton in the fashion industry

Cool cotton material has huge applications in the fashion industry. From children’s items to adult items, you can easily find them in clothing and accessory stores.

In women’s fashion

With their softness and comfort when wearing, products such as home clothes, dresses or nightgowns made of cool cotton are always loved by many women. This material also has a variety of colors and is easy to style, so it can give beautiful ladies many trendy outfit designs.

In men’s fashion

For boys, cold cotton is often used to make sportswear, workout sets, jogging sets or ball and badminton toys, etc. It absorbs sweat well and is cool when worn, making it very suitable. compatible with these movements.

Child fashion

For children, cold cotton is used in most costume designs. From home wear, going out clothes, going to school such as dresses, shirts, pants,…. While ensuring relaxation and being safe for the health of the skin.

Child fashion
Child fashion

How to preserve cold cotton clothes?

Similar to other fabrics, care should be taken when wearing or washing to ensure the longevity of the product. With costumes made from cold cotton, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Can be hand washed or machine washed. However, you should not wash dark colors with white as they will easily fade.
  • Dry clothes in a cool place, away from direct sunlight
  • Iron at the right temperature, do not choose too high a temperature
  • Do not use too strong a detergent
  • Do not store items in damp or insect-infested places.

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Surely through this article you already know what cold cotton is, right? With this material, you will have the same comfort as when wearing cotton while still having elasticity and good color retention. If you need more information about fabric materials, don’t hesitate to leave a question below for the fastest advice.

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