What is Camouflage pattern? A soldier-like trend in the fashion industry

What is Camouflage pattern

Camouflage pattern, also known by its more popular name, camouflage, is a pattern on soldiers’ costumes. This is also one of the inspirations loved by many fashion designers. Do you know this pattern? What’s the best way to wear Camo patterns? Join Roostershirt to learn more in today’s article.

What is Camouflage pattern?

Camouflage, also known as camouflage pattern, abbreviated as Camo in English is camouflage. This is a typical pattern of soldiers, the blue and brown tones help them easily hide and camouflage themselves in the woods or any other terrain.

In the long fashion flow up to now, camouflage patterns have always had an extremely important position. Despite the popularity of other patterns, it is always popular. You are never afraid that wearing camouflage patterned clothes will go out of fashion.

Development history of Camouflage Pattern

A long time ago, camouflage patterns have been loved by fashionistas. Despite a long history and many ups and downs, this pattern still has something attractive and impressive. They have both classic and modern features, even with the breath of street fashion.

At first, camouflage patterns were just patterns on normal soldiers’ costumes. However, with its uniqueness, camo has been chosen by many fashion designers to apply to their daily outfits.

Development history of Camouflage Pattern
Development history of Camouflage Pattern

After a while, specifically the 80s, the era of 4-way stretch pants was also the time when camouflage patterns developed most explosively. People wearing this pattern are considered to be a bit “wild”, liberal and individualistic. The Camo wave is also more affirmed thanks to the Tommy Hilfiger brand. Until the 90s, a series of famous designers also applied this pattern to their collections and helped it become more popular. For example, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs or John Galliano,…

Although the Camo pattern only has dark tones, it is still very attractive. Today, we can easily see more color tones in this pattern. Like black and white camouflage patterns, Puzzle Piece or Digital. You can freely choose and mix & match for yourself the most fashionable outfits, creating your own mark.

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Above are Roostershirt fashion’s shares about Camouflage as well as its characteristics, history of formation and development. There is no denying the “explosion” of Camouflage, they are individual, outstanding and full of strength. If you also want to buy items with this pattern, then hurry up. Need more information about all types of patterns, please inbox us immediately to receive the fastest answer.

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