What is hand-carried goods? Things to note when buying hand-carried goods

What is hand carried goods

Hand-carried goods is a term that is no longer new to those who like to shop. So what is hand-carried goods? What are the pros and cons and should I use this item? All answers will be in Roostershirt article below.

What is hand-carried goods?

To understand what portable goods are, you must deeply understand the concept as well as the advantages and disadvantages that this item brings.

What is hand-carried goods?

Hand-carried goods are genuine items purchased directly from abroad by a group or individual and transported to Vietnam by air. These items often come from sources such as:

  • Groups and organizations specializing in purchasing hand-carried goods.
  • Individuals who find portable sources of goods become intermediaries.
  • Individuals who travel or work to buy at stores and supermarkets abroad.
  • People living, working, or studying abroad buy goods to ship to Vietnam.
  • Flight attendants, people working related to aviation.

Advantages and disadvantages of hand-carried goods


Hand-carried goods usually do not have to go through intermediaries, do not need to pay taxes or spend a lot of costs on premises, transportation, personnel… so they are cheaper than the general market.

People who use hand-carried goods are often not afraid of “touching goods” because not all foreign goods are imported and sold in Vietnam.

Advantages and disadvantages of hand carried goods
Advantages and disadvantages of hand carried goods


Hand-carried goods are often listed as high-risk items because you cannot trace the correct origin, and there is nothing to verify the product quality.

It is easy to take advantage of loopholes that allow some individuals and organizations to smuggle low-quality products for sale and use tricks to deceive customers.

When buying hand-carried goods, you cannot sue the seller because they cannot have the same contracts as buying genuine products from stores or distribution companies.

How are hand-carried goods different from imported goods?

Many people confuse hand-carried goods with imported goods, which can create loopholes for many bad guys to take advantage of and swap concepts to sell poor quality products. So please pay attention to the differences below:

Imported goods

This is an item brought directly back to the country by flight, road and sea, often brought back in large quantities and subject to tax.

Carry-on goods

These are goods purchased directly from supermarkets and stores and are shipped in limited quantities, often in many different batches.

Hand-carried goods do not have to go through taxes or licenses, so prices are often much cheaper than imported goods.

The most popular carry-on items

Hand-carried goods have a wide variety of products and designs, some popular items include:

The main fashion here is shoes and clothes from famous brands such as Gucci, Dior, Adidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton… There are also many local brands abroad with reasonable prices, good quality, There are unique designs not sold in Vietnam that are also loved by many people.

Types of accessories
Items such as handbags, eyeglasses, perfume, watches, belts, jewelry… are also portable items that people choose. Most of the accessories from abroad are produced very fancy, high quality, and when brought to Vietnam, the price will be much more standard.

Components, phones, computers, laptops, backup chargers, technology toys… are always the top items chosen for carry-on. Technology stores are often located abroad, so buying hand-carried products is more likely to buy genuine products.

Many people choose to buy hand-carried cosmetics because they get strange, good and genuine products on-site. This is even considered an extremely hot and highly profitable business.

Functional foods
When talking about hand-carried goods, we cannot ignore medicines and functional foods. However, this product poses a big risk if you do not know where to find the source to buy it.

The most popular carry on items
The most popular carry on items

Note when buying hand-carried goods

As mentioned above, the advantage of hand-carried goods is that they are cheap and genuine, but they also pose unnecessary risks. Some portable shopping experiences that Roostershirt mentioned below will help you choose the best products.

Find reputable addresses
Reputation here comes from both the carrier and the seller. The carrier must know how to buy from genuine stores and reputable sources of supply. The seller may be an intermediary who needs to carefully review the products and trace the source before listing them for sale. It’s best if you ask someone you know to carry a moderate amount so you can easily buy it in reputable stores and shops.

Pay a lot of attention to price
Price often comes with quality. When buying hand-carried goods, you can go to that product’s store to check the price first. With surprisingly cheap hand-carried items, there is a high possibility that they are floating, poor quality goods. Special attention should be paid to technology, health and cosmetics items.

Distinguishing genuine fake hand-carried goods
This is not a simple matter if you are not a professional. There are more and more counterfeit products being made very sophisticatedly, it is best to ask the seller carefully and find reputable sellers that are trusted by many people.

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So you also understand better what hand-carried goods are and how to distinguish hand-carried products. Be a smart consumer and choose the best products. Follow the Roostershirt website for more useful information as well as choose for yourself high-end fashion items.

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