What color should yellow skin wear? Notes when choosing clothes for people with yellow skin

How to identify yellow skin

Yellow skin is a common skin tone among many other Asians, so this is not a disadvantage compared to today’s view that white skin is beautiful. So what color should yellow skin wear to always be beautiful and stand out? Let’s find out with Roostershirt through the article below!

How to identify yellow skin

How do you know if you’re on the white, dark or yellow team? Let’s try some of the determination methods below:

Determine by pulse under the hand: This is a quite popular and highly accurate way to know your skin tone. If you look at the blood vessels, if they are purple-blue, it means you have cool skin tone and white skin; Green is warm tone, dark skin or black; Other colors are classified as neutral or yellow skin.

Determined by eye color: Usually people with black or brown eyes will belong to the yellow skin team.

Check under the sun: When going out in the sun, if you notice your skin is slightly tanned but quickly returns to its original state or occasionally turns red, your skin usually has a yellow skin tone.

What color should yellow skin wear? Reference outfits

For people with yellow skin, it is often quite difficult to choose the right color, and within each color there are suitable and unsuitable tones. Below are some ways to choose outfits by color that you can refer to.

Yellow skin wearing white

White is the national color that suits almost all skin tones. Especially for people with yellow skin, colors like porcelain white and milky white will be very suitable. You can combine additional textured features such as ruffles, pleats, lace details or drawings to make it look more outstanding. In particular, white styles on cotton and silk fabrics make dark-skinned people even more attractive.

With white, don’t be too strict and only wear red. You can choose to combine it with other neutral tones, such as the outfits below.

Yellow skin wearing white
Yellow skin wearing white

Yellow leather matches yellow clothes

Many people think that yellow will make the skin look darker, but in fact it is a very flattering color. Especially pastel yellow styles are hot right now. You should not choose bright yellow or too colorful colors that will drown you out. Also, be clever in choosing accessories and mixing them with other colors so as not to look rigid. Especially the combination of yellow and white, the perfect duo for yellow-skinned girls and boys.

Beige is for yellow skin

Dark beige tones are very suitable for those with yellow skin because it will help you lift your skin tone by 1 – 2 tones. It also looks extremely trendy and modern, using beige jackets and pants will give you a more luxurious aura. You can combine clothes in beige tones with dark and light levels. Or combine with skin-friendly white as above.

Because beige is very flattering on your skin, you can choose more airy skirts and tops such as strapless, crop tops, bustiers… In winter, jackets, sweaters or dinner jackets are also very pretty.

Pink tones for yellow skin

It is thought that pink will not suit yellow skin, but in fact it is a color that makes you become feminine and attractive. But not all pink tones are suitable. You should prioritize gentle, gentle pink colors to make yourself brighter. You should stay away from lotus pinks, pinks with purple or dark pink tones.

Yellow skin should wear red clothes

There are two red colors that people with yellow skin love: red and burgundy. These two color styles have a moderate, dark red color so they can easily highlight medium skin tones. You should not use red that is too bright or too light as it will make your skin look dull and make you look more homely. Combined with red, you can combine black or white accessories to create an attractive highlight.

Choose blue clothes

Yellow and blue are like “best friends” who always go together. Almost every shade of green goes well with yellow, except bright green and neon green. You can change colors like pastel blue, green, olive green, moss green to not get bored.

In addition, you can also mix blue with other items to flatter your skin such as white, beige, gray…

These colors are not suitable for yellow skin

Colors that yellow skin should not use are: black, brown, caramel, blue, luminescent tones, bright red, bright yellow, bright green…

Note when choosing clothes for people with yellow skin

People with yellow or neutral skin tones are usually neither too white nor too black, so choosing clothes must also be skillful. If you’re not careful, it will make you look darker and darker.

Note when choosing clothes for people with yellow skin
Note when choosing clothes for people with yellow skin

Mix colors – Wear layers

When you know the colors that suit you, don’t just use that color. But have flexibility in combining many colors to keep yourself always new.

For example, people with yellow skin suit white, but not purple. However, you can combine these two colors in one outfit, such as combining a white shirt with a pair of long purple pants that cover your legs. Because it doesn’t reveal much “skin”, purple doesn’t make you less attractive at all.

Being flexible with your clothes and knowing how to “show off good things and hide bad things” will help you look stylish and trendy, without being tied to a certain image. And you can also wear your favorite colors even if they don’t match.

Indispensable accessories

Accessories are also very important for dark-skinned people. If you choose incorrectly, your skin will become much duller. In addition, combine bags, shoes, and sandals with your outfit. Then give priority to white, silver colored jewelry or brown, caramel colored glasses…

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What clothes should people with yellow skin wear is no longer a question for many people. Choose the most suitable outfit for yourself to always be confident and shine. And don’t forget to follow Roostershirt for more interesting fashion knowledge.

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