What are the characteristics of Thai elastic fabric? Why is Thai elastic so popular?

What is Thai elastic fabric

When wearing a certain outfit, do you care about the material and where it comes from? This is a very important factor as it accurately reflects the quality of the product. In the article below, Roostershirt will provide you with information about Thai elastic fabric, one of the popular materials today, so you can choose the most suitable product.

What is Thai elastic fabric?

Thai elastic fabric is not an official term referring to a material, but it refers to elastic fabrics produced and imported from Thailand, and people call it short by this name.

It can be seen that Thailand is a country with an extremely developed textile industry, producing extremely diverse materials on the market, popular in the domestic market and around the world.

Characteristics of Thai elastic fabric

Each type of fabric will have its own unique characteristics, but no type is 100% advantageous. Let’s see what Thai elastic fabric has to praise and criticize!

Characteristics of Thai elastic fabric
Characteristics of Thai elastic fabric


  • High quality products, certified and standards: Thai products in general and Thai elastic fabric in particular are always produced according to high quality standards. Must always comply with international standards to ensure products are marketed domestically and internationally. And of course, products that want to enter Vietnam will go through a very strict censorship process before being released for consumption.
  • Soft, gentle and comfortable: This material often feels soft and smooth when in contact with the skin, creating comfort for the wearer. That’s why it is widely used for everyday wear and sportswear.
  • Good elasticity, anti-wrinkle, breathable: Elastic fabric usually has high elasticity, has the ability to recover, so it is wrinkle-resistant, helping to maintain a smooth shape and appearance. Thanks to textile technology, the fabric structure is also very airy and absorbent so it does not trap odors, causing discomfort to the body.
  • Easy to care for, environmentally friendly: Products made from Thai elastic fabric are easy to use, can be easily machine washed, and dry quickly. At the same time, the material is made from natural materials such as bamboo fiber and modal, which is very environmentally friendly.
  • Diverse designs, fresh colors: Products from Thai elastic also have countless, many diverse and creative designs. The color is also very standard, fresh and not faded.


  • High price, small quantity: In fact, Thai elastic fabric has a higher price than regular elastic fabric. And it is also less than fabrics imported from other countries.
  • Many fake and counterfeit products: Because it is a product loved by consumers, it is inevitable that there are many counterfeit products that do not guarantee quality. Or manufacturers put more polyester or nylon in the fabric composition to make a profit.

Popular Thai elastic fabrics today

Currently, there are many types of Thai elastic fabric used, it depends on the manufacturer and the user’s needs. Mentioned as:

  • Cotton Spandex: Combination of natural cotton and spandex to have good elasticity, softness, breathability and form.
  • Bamboo Spandex: Using natural bamboo fibers, soft, breathable, stretchy and very comfortable to wear.
  • Modal Spandex: Also uses natural fibers, environmentally friendly, has good permeability, very breathable, suitable for summer.
  • Tencel Spandex: The material is also very friendly, soft and comfortable, wearing it feels very gentle.
  • Jersey Cotton: A popular fabric used to make T-shirts today.
  • Polyester Spandex: A combination of polyester and elastane fibers with high durability, little wrinkles, good elasticity but a bit tight on the skin.

Application of Thai elastic fabric

Thai elastic fabric is widely used in the fashion industry because of its outstanding advantages.

  • Sportswear: Thanks to its ability to absorb sweat well, is breathable and comfortable, spandex fabric is very suitable for sportswear such as workout clothes, t-shirts, jogger pants, polo shirts, shorts…
  • T-shirts, t-shirts worn every day: T-shirts are no longer strange to us, right? In the summer, wearing Thai t-shirt fabric is very comfortable and cool.
  • Hoodies, jackets: Winter clothes using this material are also very suitable, comfortable, warm, odor-free and breathable for the body.
  • Clothes, pajamas, lingerie: If you want your body to always be light and sleep comfortably, then prioritize products made from this material.
  • Children’s fashion: Babies’ skin is very sensitive, so they need products that are safe, skin-friendly and environmentally friendly like Thai elastic.
  • Decorative items, interior decoration: With diverse colors and new patterns, this is the perfect material for you to make decorative items for your home and spaces that you love.
Application of Thai elastic fabric
Application of Thai elastic fabric

How to use and preserve Thai elastic fabric

To use and preserve fashion products made from Thai elastic fabric to always look like new, please note a few things below:

  • Store in a dry, cool place, do not leave it outdoors for too long. If you put it in the refrigerator, you should have a dehumidifying product.
  • Avoid drying clothes in direct sunlight, do not use high temperatures to dry or iron.
  • When washing, avoid using strong detergents. Use cold or warm water to wash. You can add fabric softener to keep the clothes fragrant.

Some questions about Thai elastic fabric

Below are answers to some questions about Thai elastic fabric that users often ask.

How is Thai elastic fabric different from normal elastic fabric?
In fact, it’s not too different, just different in origin. However, Thai products are always more appreciated and according to the psychology of Vietnamese people, Thai products are always good, so they will be given priority.

What is Thai cotton fabric?
This is the most popular product line today as it uses 100% natural cotton fibers. Provides a cool, comfortable, lightweight and extremely durable experience.

What is Thai cold elastic fabric?
This is a material that is a combination of artificial fibers such as polyester or nylon. And to increase the elasticity of the fabric, manufacturers will add about 2% – 5% spandex fiber.

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Above is the information about Thai elastic fabric that Roostershirt wants to share with you. Hopefully this is a useful article. And don’t forget to follow Website Roostershirt.com to enjoy shopping as well as learn many other interesting fashion knowledge.

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