What is high fashion? How to become a true fashion player

What is high fashion

High fashion is an extremely familiar concept, it is mentioned more often in the world of high fashion. So do you really understand what High fashion is? Where does it come from, what are its characteristics and how to become a genuine High fashion? Let’s find out with Roostershirt through the article below!

What is high fashion?

High fashion means high-end fashion, some call it high-end brands. This term also refers to unique fashion designs created by leading designers in the fashion industry. It is not only limited to expressing the luxurious and luxurious quality of the products but also reflects the novelty, creativity and uniqueness in this world.

The concept of High fashion is divided into many different aspects:

High fashion face

Pointing to people, representatives who have good fashion sense, always update new trends and are known by many people, some can consider them as idols. These people are also “chosen by fashion houses” to promote their brands.

High fashion style

Points to a signature fashion style, following trends as well as high-end, branded outfits created by top fashion designers.

High fashion style
High fashion style

High fashion model

They are people with beautiful bodies and the ability to show off the beauty of their clothes. They will perform on cast work floors or pose for photo shoots.

Where does high fashion originate?

High fashion was born from many historical, cultural and social factors. There is no specific milestone to say, but it arose around the 19th century. At this time, Paris became the center of the fashion world. high-end, where many top designers as well as world-famous brands were born. And the Haute Couture System (only specially designed and handcrafted products) is established here. So it can be considered that France is the origin of High fashion.

In the 20th century, the fashion industry began to develop, creating conditions for brands and designers to develop themselves. Names like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace… have set a new fashion trend, thereby shaping the definition of High Fashion to this day.

High Fashion standards

In 1945, there were standards regarding products and brands that were considered High fashion. Until now, it is still being maintained and has become a “hidden rule” that everyone must know.

100% handmade product from high quality materials

High fashion puts artistic value above all else, so each designed item and outfit must be made entirely by hand. Must be made by skilled workers with high technology, experience and aesthetic taste. These products must also use high quality materials, rare and expensive materials, which are not available here. The motifs and minor details on it must also be done 100% by hand.

Unique creativity and sophistication

The sophistication of High fashion products must be 100% and not have even a single defect. It shows meticulousness, no matter how much effort and time it takes. Those products will be unique, their creations will not match any other products on the market. And the more creative it is of a famous fashion designer, the more its value increases.

Appearing on fashion catwalks

High fashion collections will often be shown on prestigious fashion catwalks such as Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week… It helps the products become more famous, attracting many people’s attention. to and increase product value.

Customer Files and Care Services

Not everyone can use High fashion products because they are very luxurious, high-end and expensive, often targeting the upper class and extremely wealthy customer base. Products are even produced specifically according to customer needs.

How to become a High fashionista

Becoming a High fashionista is not easy because it requires many factors. Please master some of the basics below!

How to become a High fashionista
How to become a High fashionista

Update fashion knowledge

Whether basic or extensive, you still need to master the knowledge required in the field of fashion. To know what is a suitable product, whether it is artistic or not. Especially when we have knowledge, we will become stylish because we are truly stylish people.

Pay attention to your outfit every day

As a High fashionista, even if you just go to a cafe, you must show your true character. Usually, everyday fashion style must also show that you are a special person. You don’t have to be crazy, but you also have to stand out from ordinary people. Show that your best friend is a 1 – 0 – 2 person.

Make up is an important factor

A High fashion person often cannot do without makeup to highlight her personality and outfit. You can diversify your style thanks to different makeup styles such as personality, clear, sweet or dynamic, natural. Or even a new hairstyle will make your outfit that day stand out more than anyone else’s.

Have good relationships in fashion

This is really a factor that you need to pay attention to. Building relationships in the industry, contacting seniors or following famous High fashion will help you have more opportunities and more knowledge. They even become a motivation for you to constantly strive every day.

Some famous High fashion that you can refer to

Currently in the world there is a lot of High fashion, but famous and globally known names include Gucci, Chanel, LV, Hermes, Dior, Versace, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Prada, Alexander McQueen. … These names are not only famous for their quality and excellent design but also have a strong influence on the fashion industry and culture.

Some questions about High fashion

Is high fashion divided into styles?

The answer is yes, High fashion does not refer to one fashion style but it includes many different styles with a more classy look. You pursue individuality, strength, like Minimalism or Vintage, Hippie or Sporty, you can still become a High fashion in that particular way.

What is the difference between High fashion and Haute couture?

Many people often confuse the concepts of High fashion and Haute couture. Actually it’s completely different:

  • High fashion: Only products from top brands, from famous designers, may include costumes, shoes, handbags, and accessories. It is often mass produced and can be widely purchased, the customer base is also wider, some products that regular customers can still buy.
  • Haute couture: Only products with special designs, handmade, extremely high-end, often made specifically for each customer and certified by Haute couture. The product is aimed at customers with high talent, not everyone can afford it.

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Above is the information about High Fashion that Roostershirt wants to share with you. Affirm your own value through the fashion products you use. And don’t forget to follow Roostershirt Store to enjoy shopping as well as learn many other interesting fashion knowledge.

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