What do the logos of famous fashion brands mean?

What do the logos of famous fashion brands mean

Have you ever wondered what fashion brand logos mean and why do people use those symbols? Let’s find out with Roostershirt through the interesting article below!

What do the logos of famous fashion brands mean?


Chanel’s logo impresses with its simple, elegant design with two letters ‘C’ overlapping each other. It stands for ‘Coco Chanel’ the founder of this brand. The most commonly displayed colors are black white or black yellow depending on the item.

Chanel always represents luxury, class, and simplicity that make a woman’s charm. The unique letter C also emphasizes individuality and strength, and the overlap creates an image of connection between customers and the fashion house. That is also the meaning conveyed inside this logo.

Gucci – Logos of famous fashion brands mean

Gucci’s symbol is two bold letters ‘G’ located next to each other, it also stands for the founder of the brand ‘Guccio Gucci’. This logo represents the brand’s business philosophy of bringing luxurious, classy products that have a strong impact on consumers.

It also represents flexible innovation, adapting to fashion trends and the brand’s diversity. The colors commonly used in Gucci’s logo are red and blue tones, often highlighted on a black or white background.

Louis Vuitton

In the logos of famous fashion brands, Louis Vuitton stands out with the image of a raspberry leaf and the bold letters LV, full of sophistication and grace. LV here is the abbreviation of founder Monsieur Louis Vuitton. The raspberry leaf was inspired by Vuitton’s time as a craftsman. It is like a connection between French history and traditional crafts. The color of the logo is carefully considered and will often be highlighted on a brown product background.

Adidas – Logos of famous fashion brands mean

It must be said that the Adidas fashion brand logo is extremely recognizable and it appears a lot in everyday life. The image of three parallel lines represents the spirit of sport, dynamism and overcoming all limits. This logo has been around since 1950, it has been maintained throughout Adidas’ development. To this day, the three stripes image has become a unique symbol for fashion and sports in general.

Adidas Logos of famous fashion brands mean
Adidas Logos of famous fashion brands mean


The logo of fashion brand Nike carries the image of a bird wing called ‘Swoosh’. This bird’s wing is designed extremely simply but is very flexible, eye-catching and sophisticated. It brings a sense of movement, showing dynamism, modernity and personality.

Bird wings are also a symbol of freedom and autonomy, which is the effort to overcome all limits to achieve personal goals. These are also the meanings that each Nike product wants to convey to customers. Currently Nike is very popular in the field of sports, fitness or streetwear.

Puma – Logos of famous fashion brands mean

The logo of the Puma brand is an image of a jumping Puma (cougar breed). Because it is oriented as a sports brand, the image of this puma represents agility, flexibility and strength. At the same time, it also brings dynamism, a breakthrough and determination to overcome all challenges. Thanks to that sporting spirit, the brand has created a strong impression in the hearts of customers, becoming a giant in the fashion field.


Of all the logos of famous fashion brands, Versace brings the strongest impression with the image of Medusa’s head – one of the cultural and artistic symbols of Greece. Goddess Medusa is an extremely mysterious character, powerful and full of confidence. It also partly represents the mysterious, attractive beauty, power, independence and uniqueness of Versace. More unique than this logo is a blend of Eastern elements and Baroque art, bringing a luxurious, global image and enhancing the value of the wearer.

Burberry – Logos of famous fashion brands mean

Burberry’s logo has gone through an evolution with many changes. Initially, the image of “Knight riding a horse” was considered a powerful symbol, but now people seem to have removed this image and replaced it with just the words BURBERRY. This reflects the new era of the brand with a more modern, sophisticated, strong and dynamic logo image that knows how to change to suit the new era.

In addition, Burberry’s image is also associated with the checkered pattern or “Nova check”, but that is only an identifying product, not the logo we think of.


The logo of the fashion brand Prada, once associated with the Italian royal family, features a low-shaped shield and a circle with a knotted rope around it. However, at this stage, the logo has been changed to a simple, modern image with a triangle, inside with the brand words, year of birth and the legendary shield. This logo is more minimalist but still shows the brand’s power, giving it a luxurious, exclusive and artistic look.

Hermes – Logos of famous fashion brands mean

The Hermes logo is a unique combination of classic and modern luxury, featuring images of horses and carriages in French cultural life. The image of this horse reflects traditional craftsmanship, demonstrating research, diligence and care in every detail of the products that the fashion house offers. In addition, the carriage is also a symbol of the French nobility, indicating that Hermes products are high-end, classy and luxurious.

Hermes Logos of famous fashion brands mean
Hermes Logos of famous fashion brands mean


Balenciaga has a very simple logo image but is very eye-catching and creates a strong impression. Initially the brand’s logo was two opposing letters B in Monogram style. Up to now, the brand’s logo is just the words Balenciaga after the founder’s name with a standard font that is both serious, elegant and strong.

Dior – Logos of famous fashion brands mean

Dior’s original logo was two opposing Ds forming the letter CD after the brand name Christian Dior. However, up to now the fashion house has changed its logo with only the words DIOR designed to be slim, sophisticated and full of female protagonists. The logo uses two colors, black and white, to show its class and elegance. This line of text also represents a meaning of change and flexibility of the brand in the new era.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s logo consists of two letters cK, which stands for the brand name. Although it is very simple, it creates a very deep impression, when placed on fashion products it is very prominent and attractive. The logo mainly uses black and white to create a contrast between pure and mysterious images.

Lacoste – Logos of famous fashion brands mean

The logo of this fashion company is an image of a crocodile with its mouth open and below is the words Lacoste written quite simply. Using this animal image is because the brand’s founder is René Lacoste, who is known as “The Crocodile” in the tennis world. The main colors here are blue, white and black. These three colors blend together very well on all of the brand’s designed products, receiving special love from customers.

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

Yves Saint Laurent has a logo that stands for the brand name ‘YSL’, these letters are combined in a unique way, white letters stand out on a black background. The letters Y and L will be placed one after another, and the letter S will be artistically integrated. It creates a strong, sophisticated and flexible impression, bringing a feeling of luxury and elegance, both a bit classic and modern. YSL is currently prominent with its perfume lines and fashion accessories.

Dolce & Gabbana – Logos of famous fashion brands mean

In the logos of famous fashion brands, Dolce & Gabbana is the fashion house with the simplest logo with the symbols ‘D & G’ – the abbreviations of the founders Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. These two letters are written in bold, large strokes that look both strong and flexible. It reflects the Italian aristocratic lifestyle, which is elegant and noble but still comfortable and liberal. There is also the reason that Dolce & Gabbana products always bring classy values to users.

Tommy Hilfiger

The logo of the Tommy Hilfiger brand is an image of a flag with three main colors: blue, white and navy blue, accompanied by the words Tommy in italics. These colors have strong contrasts, expressing a classic image and sporty spirit. This flag also carries the meaning “American Cool” – talking about American culture as dynamic, youthful and extremely flexible.

Fendi – Logos of famous fashion brands mean

Fendi’s logo is an image of two parallel F letters opposing each other, forming a very strong and sophisticated rectangle. This letter represents Fendi’s spirit of “Fun and Fur”, it is written in the highly communicative Hevletica font. This logo mainly uses black, highlighting the white background. The rectangular image certainly represents a strong, steadfast spirit and the desire to move forward.

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