What is a tuxedo? Outstanding features and how to differentiate from Suit and Blazer

What is a tuxedo

For those who pursue an elegant, polite style and often have to attend events and parties, they definitely cannot ignore the Tuxedo. So what is a Tuxedo? How is it different from Suit and Blazer? What are the outstanding features and how to coordinate clothes? Join Roostershirt to learn more through the article below!

What is a tuxedo?

Tuxedo is a polite, elegant style of clothing for men often worn at important events such as weddings, meetings or other large and small parties. Tuxedo will include a jacket, shirt, tie or bow tie, loose pants and formal leather shoes. This item will usually be tailored according to the wearer’s body shape, not too fussy, high in comfort and applicability for the user.

Because it is often chosen as the main outfit on important occasions to create an elegant and luxurious image, this outfit is now considered a symbol of elegance and “respect” in fashion. male.

Origin of Tuxedo outfit

There is a lot of information about the origin of this outfit, but according to some documents, the Tuxedo dates back to the 19th century. People created this outfit to replace traditional vests at parties. It is more versatile, comfortable and can be worn by many people without having to adhere to the same principles as a vest.

Tuxedo is associated with the name of an English tailor – Charles B. Mayer, who brought this item to the market. Also according to some sources, the name Tuxedo is named after a resort in the US called Tuxedo Park, but the reason behind that is not clear.

In the past, tuxedos were only for aristocrats, and then people with positions and power. But only a short time later, it became more “popular” and was used by many people. Up to now, this is the most commonly used outfit, even in everyday life.

What does a Tuxedo include?

What does a Tuxedo include
What does a Tuxedo include


Tuxedo jackets are typically designed with the front being shorter than the back. Sewn from satin material, buttons have rim pockets, satin side stripes down the pants leg, with 1 – 2 rows of buttons. The color is usually black or navy, but now people are also expanding it to a number of other bright colors.


This part is often present or not, depending on the style that gentlemen pursue. Cummerbund is a waistband, a fabric tied around the waist with an upward-folding string that replaces traditional gilets to cover the belly.


These pants are tailored in a loose, comfortable style, not too different from normal pants. The rules are that it must be the same color, same material, and same pattern as the jacket.


The shirt is usually a white shirt, long sleeves, and the neck can be a classic French collar. The shirt should not be too tight on the body, it should be worn neatly and balanced with the jacket.


Tuxedos will often be combined with a traditional tie or black bow tie. Some people use additional buttons to add elegance. There are also additional belts and decorative bows depending on individual preferences.

Leather shoes

When wearing a Tuxedo, you definitely cannot skip leather shoes. Shoes usually have to be the same color as the outfit. Shoes do not need to be shiny, but always pay attention to cleanliness.

Why do people choose to wear a Tuxedo?

There are many reasons why Tuxedo has become popular and loved by many people at the present time. May be mentioned as:

  • This outfit brings elegance and elegance, very suitable for important occasions. In fact, it is also more flexible and comfortable than a vest, so more people choose it on important occasions.
  • Tuxedos have more design options for the wearer to suit individual styles and specific spaces.
  • This outfit brings a very trendy style, never going out of fashion and suitable for many different body types.
  • Partly it may be because Tuxedo is used by many famous people, partly creating a fashion wave that makes it more widely developed and popular with more people.

Where should I wear a Tuxedo?

Tuxedo attire is an appropriate choice to attend events and parties that require formality and politeness. So where specifically can we go?

  • For weddings, some grooms even prefer this outfit to wear on the big day.
  • Go to dinner parties and Gala events in luxurious spaces.
  • Wear to award ceremonies, opening ceremonies, launch events, charity events,…
  • Go to concerts, see plays, participate in TV shows.
  • Or simply go to luxury restaurants.

Tuxedo coordination styles

Tuxedo coordination styles
Tuxedo coordination styles

Tuxedos can let you wear a variety of styles by choosing designs that suit you.

  • Modern, standard style
  • Sophisticated, simple style
  • Classic, elegant gentleman
  • Youthful and liberal style
  • A gallant, elegant gentleman

Distinguish between Tuxedo and Suit, Blazer

Many people often confuse these outfits with each other, not knowing there is any difference. Below are some distinctions that you can refer to.

Tuxedos and Suits

  • Style: Tuxedo shirts are characterized by a shorter front than the back, and may have black or satin lines at the neck edge and buttons. The suit has diverse designs, with two equal flaps.
  • Special design: Tuxedo collars are mainly shawl or peaked. Suits are more diverse with notched (V-shaped), peaked, or shawl…
  • Color: Tuxedo is mainly black, navy, traditional colors. As for the Suit, there are no color limits, it can be bright colors and many eye-catching patterns.
  • Accessories: Tuxedo will be combined with a tie, black bow tie, and worn with a shirt. With Suits, these accessories may or may not be included, it does not affect the beauty of the outfit much.
  • Applicability: Tuxedo costumes will be for parties and events, large and small. Suits can be worn on a daily basis or to events. It also depends on the color of the outfit to see which occasion to wear.

Tuxedos and Blazers

  • Style: If the Tuxedo has a typical style, the Blazer is more diverse, often designed to be spacious, comfortable and modern to wear, without too many special details, simply a regular jacket. .
  • Color: Blazer will have a variety of colors, usually single color, with gentle patterns, bright colors while Tuxedo is limited in color.
  • Matching outfits: Blazer shirts can be combined with shirts, T-shirts, crop tops, bras… very diversely, while Tuxedos are mainly worn with shirts. In addition, the Blazer can be worn with khaki pants, jeans, casual pants, sports shoes, loafers, etc.
  • Applicability: Blazers are worn for many different occasions, from daily life such as going to school, going to work to important events. With Tuxedo, it is applied to events that require more formality.

Some notes when wearing and using a Tuxedo

You should not wear a watch
Many people think that if they want to be beautiful, polite and elegant, they need to combine it with a watch. But in reality, for a Tuxedo to stand out and show off your true character, you should not wear a watch. If you really want it, you can cleverly put it under your sleeve, and when needed, you can delicately lift up your sleeve.

Always have bow ties and ties
One of the invariable things for those who wear a Tuxedo is to have a bow or tie. One is the same color, the other is a different color tone to create a highlight but not “out of place”.

Choose suitable shoes
There are two styles of shoes that are extremely suitable to wear with a Tuxedo: Oxford or Derby. These products often have a certain shine, very natural colors, and elegant, modern designs so you can easily coordinate with your outfit.

Do not wash in the washing machine
The last and most important thing when using a Tuxedo is not to machine wash it. Instead, use dry cleaning methods, hand washing…

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Above is the information about what is a Tuxedo? Characteristics and distinctions from other fashion products that Roostershirt wants to share with you. Hope you will choose the product that suits your style. And don’t forget to follow Website Roostershirt.com to enjoy shopping and learn more interesting fashion knowledge.

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