Choose the right socks and dress shoes to make you look elegant and professional

Choose the right socks and dress shoes to make you look elegant and professional

Even though it is a very small detail, socks can shape the image of gentlemen. Whether you wear dress shoes elegantly or not, socks are a very important factor. Just choose one wrong pair of socks and your entire well-chosen outfit will look “off” and unprofessional. Below, let’s join Cardina in choosing the most suitable socks to wear with western shoes!

Why should you choose socks and dress shoes carefully?

Not simply an accessory, socks also play a huge role in creating an aesthetic image as well as bringing a feeling of comfort and ease to the wearer all day long. Choosing the right socks is extremely important:

  • Protect your feet: Socks will help protect your feet from friction with shoes to avoid scratches and blisters during activity. Good materials also have the ability to limit odor-causing bacteria, absorb sweat, and stay dry all day long.
  • Enhance aesthetics: Socks will help cover the skin of the feet, creating a luxurious and elegant look. Socks that match your outfit also create a highlight, making you more stylish and fashionable. Even a pair of socks shows your personal style and personality.
  • Maintain shoe hygiene: If you have a pair of branded shoes, socks are an extremely effective way to protect your shoes, not only keeping them clean but also increasing the durability of your shoes, avoiding persistent odors.

What color socks should you choose when wearing western shoes?

There is no fixed color when wearing western shoes, your choice of suitable socks depends on many factors.

What color socks should you choose when wearing western shoes
What color socks should you choose when wearing western shoes
  • Color of shoes: The rule here is that you choose a color that is darker or the same color as the shoe. For example, if you wear black dress shoes, you can choose black, navy, or gray socks. Brown shoes come in colors like brown, gray, black…
  • Color of pants: This is also a safe choice, you should choose the color of socks that match the color of pants: For example, if you wear black pants, choose black, gray or navy socks to stand out, still prioritize the colors. monochrome.
  • Color according to belt: One point for you to coordinate your clothes more delicately is to match the color of your socks to the color of your belt. It may not be too big, but the overall outfit is very harmonious, creating balance for the body as well as a fashionable highlight.

In addition, when you want to create a highlight, you can absolutely choose socks with eye-catching colors and patterns. But it needs to be true to the fashion style you pursue. If you wear western shoes in a very dynamic and youthful outfit, it is completely suitable. As for the elegant and polite outfit, it doesn’t match.

But for simplicity, you choose black, gray, navy, which are both safe and suitable for many styles of western shoes and many different ways to mix and match clothes.

What color socks should you not wear when wearing western shoes?

  • White: You may not know, but white is a taboo color when wearing western shoes, especially when combined with black or brown shoes. It creates an image of being out of place, less luxurious and less sophisticated. It is most suitable when worn with sports shoes or the wearer chooses white western shoes and white pants.
  • Red, orange, yellow, green: These colors are not suitable for the elegance and seriousness of western shoes. It creates a feeling of lack of professionalism and seriousness. However, in some cases these colors are used to decorate a small pattern, this option should be considered.
  • Socks with flashy patterns: It will not match the spirit of western shoes, creating an inelegant, very confusing look. It’s best to choose socks that are plain or have the simplest pattern possible.

What material should I choose for socks to wear with western shoes?

Material is very important, right, it helps protect your feet as well as avoid causing odor. Some suggestions for materials below that you can refer to:

  • Summer: Prioritize materials that are light, elastic, not too thick, soft, and can absorb sweat such as cotton, bamboo fiber, Modal, Tencel, Cashmere…
  • Winter: Choose materials that keep you warm but don’t smell bad like wool or felt.

In addition, you should pay attention to some details such as: The thickness of the socks, you should choose moderately thin socks to show elegance. Choose the right size for your feet to hug and flatter your feet better, and especially choose the right size for the type of shoes you wear.

Choose long or short dress socks

Long or short socks with dress shoes depend on the type of shoe you choose.

  • High-cut western shoes: Choose calf-length socks to bring elegance and sophistication.
  • Low-cut western shoes: Choose short or moderately high collars, slightly above the ankle, suitable for both serious and active styles.
  • Loafers: Prioritize short socks or invisible socks.

Some other notes when choosing socks to wear with dress shoes

Besides the main factors to choose suitable socks for dress shoes, please note a few small points below!

Some other notes when choosing socks to wear with dress shoes
Some other notes when choosing socks to wear with dress shoes
  • Choose socks that are suitable for the purpose of use: For example, when going to work, choose simple colors and designs, while going out, choose striking colors that are more fashionable. When exercising or moving a lot, you should prioritize socks that are light, airy, and sweat-absorbent.
  • Men and women should also choose socks that match their gender. For men, the colors are masculine and the designs are strong. For women, it will be more colorful and elegant.
  • Choose socks and shoes according to the situation: For luxurious occasions, prioritize neutral colors. When going out normally, the colors can stand out and the patterns are more eye-catching.

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Above is the way to choose the most suitable socks to wear with western shoes that Cardina wants to share with you. Hopefully this article provides useful knowledge to readers. And don’t forget to follow for your shopping pleasure!

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