In the summer, what fabric should you wear that is cool, absorbs sweat, and doesn’t cause odor?

What fabric should I wear to stay cool in the summer

Hot summer always makes us feel uncomfortable whether indoors or outdoors. So let’s prioritize fabrics that are light and airy, have the ability to absorb sweat and especially do not cause body odor. In the article below, Roostershirt will help you know what fabric is best to wear in the summer.

What fabric should I wear to stay cool in the summer?

In the summer, you should prioritize materials made from nature to bring comfort to your skin and help protect the skin as well as contribute to environmental protection.


Cotton fabric is a synthetic fiber woven from natural cotton fibers with outstanding characteristics such as: airy, thin and light, absorbs sweat well, circulates air and cools the body. It also brings comfort when worn, is safe and does not cause skin irritation. Thanks to its high durability, cotton fabric is very commonly used for everyday fashion, designing many types of outfits with many different styles. If you use it for a long time, you won’t have to worry about the color fading or getting loose or losing its shape.

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cotton fabric shirt
cotton fabric shirt

Linen fabric

A fabric woven from flax fibers, also of natural origin, has a thin and light structure so it is very breathable and has good circulation so the body always feels cool. Linen fabric also has the ability to absorb sweat better than other types, and the fabric also dries quickly, so when you sweat while exercising, you won’t feel uncomfortable due to humidity or unpleasant odors. In particular, this fabric also has gentle UV protection, so you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


Surely we are no strangers to silk fabrics, right? It is a symbol of luxury and luxury with its origin from natural silk. Silk has a very thin structure and is as soft as air when worn. And of course, its absorbency is many times better than synthetic fabric, extremely suitable for making clothes and dresses to wear in the summer. Part of the silk fabric is always smooth, has a slight shine, and is not dirty, so you always look neat and clean. Some studies show that silk fabric has a slight UV protection ability, so you can wear it if you have to go out or work in sunny areas.

Chiffon fabric

If you are looking for a fabric that has the ability to absorb sweat well, is soft, smooth but has a reasonable price, chiffon fabric is the perfect choice. This material also brings lightness and floatiness that is extremely pleasing to the eye, suitable for sewing feminine and elegant dresses and tops. Currently there are many types of chiffon fabrics such as silk chiffon, chiffon, mesh… with many different colors and patterns to serve increasingly diverse needs.

Cold elastic fabric

Just hearing the name makes you feel the feeling of this fabric when worn on your skin. First of all, it is very slippery, smooth and extremely cool. With a good sweat absorption and heat evaporation mechanism, you will always feel cool, comfortable, your skin will be dry and especially there will be no rashes. The fabric also dries very quickly, so it is also very suitable for gym wear or outdoor wear. However, the color of this fabric is quite susceptible to fading, so care must be taken to preserve it well.

Cold cloth

Cool fabric is a synthetic fabric woven from many other synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon… Thanks to the honeycomb weave structure with many tiny holes, it helps to release air, creating coolness and comfort. for the wearer, not feeling stuffy in the summer. The biggest advantage of cold toothpicks is that they dry 4 times faster than cotton. When wearing them while exercising, you don’t have to worry about getting wet or having a bad smell. The price of this fabric is very reasonable and affordable for many people.

Rayon fabric

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric recycled from bark, wood and other plants. Thanks to its natural origin and breathable textile structure, good air circulation, cooling the body, always bringing a dry feeling on hot summer days. Fabric is very environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable. However, it is not as durable as cotton and linen, so you may want to consider it further.

Rayon fabric
Rayon fabric

Bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric is a material made from a young tree and related to bamboo, with outstanding properties such as: soft, breathable, sweat absorbent, anti-bacterial and extremely environmentally friendly. This material is very suitable for sewing all kinds of suits, dresses, shirts… The fabric is relatively durable, retains color well, but is prone to wrinkles if you do not know how to properly preserve it.

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Some other notes when choosing fabric for summer

In addition to choosing materials, some factors such as color and design are also very important.

  • Priority should be given to bright colors such as white, blue, yellow… to create a cool and comfortable feeling. And actually this is also a proven study, wearing light colors in the summer will be cooler than the dark seasons.
  • The design prioritizes loose-fitting clothes that should not be too tight on the body, worn neatly, and with few accessories.
  • Priority should be given to simple, gentle patterns, fresh flowers and leaves, not too many colorful patterns that create a hot feeling.
  • You should choose clothes that are moderately thin, not too thick so that the body can escape heat better.

What fabric should I wear comfortably in the summer is probably no longer everyone’s question. You can follow the website to buy suitable products for this summer. And don’t forget to read articles that provide fashion knowledge to you!

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