What is Boutique? Meaning, Concepts and related terms

What is Boutique

Every time you walk on the street, you often see brand name signs with the words boutique or store. However, many of you do not know what it means. What is Boutique? Is its meaning different in different fields? Let’s find out in today’s sharing article from Roostershirt.

What is Boutique?

What is English Boutique? What is boutique fashion? Or when to use the word Boutique is a question many people have sent to Roostershirt. With this word, we can understand in a very simple way as follows:

Boutique refers to a small store that specializes in providing trendy clothes, including jewelry or other luxury products. Boutique in French means store. This word is derived from Greek and means warehouse.

In addition, in the field of fashion or for designers and stylists, a boutique is a service or type of goods designed with some special details or elements. From there, the price of the product can be raised to a higher level. It is for this reason that they are also called boutique pricing. It is the artistic elements or details added by the stylist that affect the price increase.

Some concepts related to Boutiqu

Many people think that boutique means store, which in any case, means store. But in reality it is not like that. Whenever combined with different words, boutique has a completely different meaning. Let’s take a look at the concepts related to boutiques with Cardina in the content below.

What is boutique fashion?

First, in the fashion field, Boutique is often used as a brand name combined with proper names. For example, Huong Boutique, Mot Boutique…. In this case, boutique fashion will be understood as a store. This word will be used for small-scale clothing stores that suit the tastes and needs of fashionistas but in small quantities. In the field of fashion, the phrase Boutique was developed in the 1960s. Mainly aimed at high-end markets.

Although they only provide a small number of handmade items such as t-shirts, fashion accessories, etc., these “stores” sell at high prices and are even loved by many young consumers. like and support.

Some opinions say that Boutique fashion will not go out of fashion because most have the ability to quickly grasp market trends and understand customers’ tastes and needs.

What is a Boutique shop?

The second concept is Boutique shop. Even though it’s already a boutique, what does it mean to still have a shop? In this case, boutique no longer means a store but it refers to a fashion style. Boutique style is unique, impressive and “one of a kind”. Boutique shops are suitable for customers with unique styles, those with unique and strange hobbies or fashion sense.

Boutique shops will have a smaller and more intimate space than fashion shops.

What is a boutique hotel?

Boutique hotel is a type of hotel with less than 100 rooms built in a unique, artistic style. However, many people often confuse boutique hotels with other types of hotels. Boutique hotels have their own characteristics, you can recognize which one is a boutique hotel based on these characteristics.

The third concept is related to the hotel industry. Boutique hotel is a type of hotel with less than 100 rooms. They all have unique, artistic interior and exterior designs. Many people often confuse Boutique hotels with other types of hotels. However, this type of hotel has its own characteristics, you can recognize and distinguish them through the following factors:

What is a boutique hotel
What is a boutique hotel
  • Area: Small, Number of rooms 10<x<100.
  • Highly aesthetic: These hotels will pay attention to every detail, even the smallest detail. People say that the space of the Boutique Hotel gives you the experience of living in a truly artistic space.
  • There is a huge local imprint: With Boutique Hotels, you can clearly feel the local culture here. No hotel has the same design. Each has its own unique design.
  • Pets: Nearly all boutique hotels allow you to bring your pet.

What is vintage boutique?

With the sale of nostalgic items, all inspired by previous decades, Vintage Boutique is an old-fashioned store. Or new items have an “old feel”. They can buy clothes of the last decade, accessories or shoes…

What is a boutique villa?

Boutique villas are resort villas with unique and special designs. Often these villas will be one-of-a-kind and have the ability to make an impression on guests from the first moment they arrive. Boutique villas will have a normal area, not too large and not too many rooms. You will see that they look like a miniature house.

What is Boutique House?

Boutique house is also known as a commercial townhouse. Specifically, Boutique is a store and house is a home. This is a unique combination of housing and business. Boutique houses will often be built in busy areas, with many big roads and convenient transportation.

What is a boutique resort?

Another concept that also makes many people wonder is boutique resort. This is a type of resort, including all the elements of a resort but with extremely different details.

A boutique resort will have a small area, not many rooms. This small space design helps customers feel cozy, intimate and private. Boutique resorts are also rated as having more artistic design. Every detail is meticulously designed.

In addition, the services or products in a boutique resort will be more personalized than a regular resort. They can grasp and thereby best meet the needs of each customer.

What is a boutique agency?

Boutique agency is one of the most popular and specialized outsourcing company models in the world. Boutique agencies will have enough flexibility and ability to control different large and small projects.

This form is also more suitable to the needs and structure of customers than traditional models. Because of their creativity and experience, Boutique agencies receive more attention from businesses.

What is Boutique shophouse?

Boutique Shophouse is also known as a form of real estate combined with small hotels and commercial stores. The first Boutique shophouses in the world appeared in big cities like Piris, London or NY in the 1990s.

Later, the Boutique shophouse format developed extremely strongly in Asia in the 2000s. This form also brought huge profits to investors. Appearing in Vietnam about 5 years ago, it is extremely attractive and makes many investors consider it.

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Hopefully the information about the boutique that Roostershirt just shared above will help you better understand this term. If you still want to learn more knowledge. You can leave a message below in the comments section for the fastest advice.

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