What is the UPF index? Learn about the UPF index of fabrics

What is the UPF index

What is UPF? Why do we need to pay attention to this index when buying sunscreen? All will be answered in Roostershirt Store next article.

What is the UPF index?


Many people have the opinion that the thicker the clothes, the better the UV protection and vice versa. However, Roostershirt would like to reaffirm to you that this is an extremely wrong view.

The thickness or thinness of a material does not represent its ability to protect against UV rays. Currently, as textile technology becomes more and more modern and developed, there are many types of fabrics that are thin but have very good UV protection, up to 98%.

UPF index, also known as Ultraviolet Protective Factor. Is an index showing the ability of fabric materials to make clothes, hats or masks,…

The higher the UPF index, the higher the ability to block ultraviolet rays.

Compare UPF index and SPF index

So what is SPF? SPF is the sun protection factor of sunscreen. This index is only capable of blocking UVB rays, but not UVA rays.

UPF can block both UVA and UVB. That’s why even if you apply sunscreen, you still have to take physical protection measures for your skin.

Meaning of UPF index

So how do you know what the UPF index represents? What does UPF 25 mean?

UPF 25 means this product allows 1/25th of UV rays to pass through, equivalent to 4%. This means that the product can block up to 96% of all types of UV rays.

Similar to UPF50, 1/50 = 2%. This means that products with a UPF 50 index will block up to 98% of UV rays.

Current UPF index levels on the market

Nowadays there are many types of products with high UPF. So what are the common index levels? The following table will give you the most general overview of this index.

Current UPF index levels on the market
Current UPF index levels on the market

In addition, a number of factors can affect the UPF index of fabric such as:

  • Fabric gets wet: When fabric gets wet, the UPF index will be lower, which reduces the quality and sun protection ability of the product.
  • Some wear and tear: Shirts that have been used for a long time and have been washed many times will no longer be good at blocking UV rays.
  • Fabric material with too much elasticity: Then the gap between the fabric fibers will be large, UV rays can penetrate, reducing sun protection effectiveness.

Which type of material has the highest UPF?

Each fabric material will have a different UPF index. Depending on the thickness, fiber bond density, weaving technology,… there will be its own UPF index.

Currently, there are fabrics woven with modern technology, with UV blocking ingredients added right during the weaving process. This increases the fabric’s ability to protect against sunlight and UV rays.

Color also affects the UPF rating. Bright colors will be cooler when worn but do not have the ability to block UV rays as much as dark colors such as black, gray or brown.

Some materials you can choose to buy sun protection shirts include cold elastic, linen, denim,…

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Above are our shares about the UPF index: What is the UPF index of fabrics, how is it determined?…. Hopefully this article has answered your questions, really. bringing benefit to you.

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