What color is compatible with Water element? How to choose feng shui items for people of the Water element

Learn about the Water element

Destiny is one of the things that is of great concern in feng shui or the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. You don’t know what colors are compatible with the Water element, what colors are incompatible, and how to choose suitable clothes and feng shui objects? Cardina’s article below will help you answer these questions.

Learn about the Water element

In the theory of the five elements, the element Water is one of the 5 important elements that form the law of yin and yang of the five elements including Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth. So what is the Water element?

What is Water Destiny?

The Water element symbolizes water and winter, water here is often referred to as rain, storms, rivers, canals or the vast ocean. Water here is an extremely important element related to all aspects of human life. Without water, humans and all other living things cannot survive. The characteristics of this network are that they are adaptable, gentle, easy to maneuver, quick to change, and very unpredictable.

Water element follows the theory of the five elements

According to Yin Yang Five Elements, the 5 elements that make up matter will have their own characteristics. Thuy has water properties so it is extremely soft and flexible. According to the law of mutual generation, the Metal element will be associated with the relationship between Metal and Water. Besides, it is also considered a source of water to nourish plants and trees, in a close relationship with the Wood element. Or Water and Water can also combine to create large rivers, vast oceans or even storms.

In the law of mutual incompatibility, Earth overcomes Water because water drains all water sources and Water overcomes Fire because water and fire have always had an “unrequited” enmity.

Characteristic characteristics of people of the Water element

Each destiny will have different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. And in each destiny, there are different sounds that make people of that destiny have different characteristics. So what is it like for people with the Water element?

Characteristic characteristics of people of the Water element
Characteristic characteristics of people of the Water element

Belongs to Gian Ha Thuy
People who belong to this sound are often quite unstable, not steadfast in their will, have a bit of a malicious mind, are petty and observant, and there are also some people who live without being able to do anything, or are panicked and confused. But they also have the advantage of being quite realistic and sharp with the times.

Belongs to Dai Khe Thuy
These are extremely flexible people, they are multi-faceted but sometimes cold and indifferent, a bit narrow-minded, thinking only of themselves. They have quite big ambitions and great desires, but most of them just daydream without taking action.

Tuyen Trung Thuy
They are often the ones who anticipate trends, know the right time and opportunity to seize opportunities for themselves. However, they like to live peacefully, while those who have titles are extremely cold and unpredictable.

Belongs to Truong Luu Thuy
These people have quite peaceful personalities, do not have evil intentions, they are very talented and know the meaning of the big picture. They know how to look ahead, always think about the future, and are responsible, so their lives are often very prosperous. However, it has a weakness: not paying attention to details, not being thorough, so it is often negligent and causes failure.

Dai Hai Thuy
With people of high status, they will be very tolerant and generous, on the contrary, with ordinary people, they will be very narrow-minded and evil-minded. However, they are very harmonious, both seeming close but somewhat distant.

Belongs to Thien Ha Thuy
These are people with peaceful, kind personalities who always bring positivity to everyone. They are also extroverts, so most of them will be active in society and are respected and known by many people.

What color is compatible with Water element?

Color greatly affects the feng shui of people with the Water element. So what color is suitable for this destiny?

What color is compatible with Water element
What color is compatible with Water element

Blue, blue
Blue is the color that symbolizes water, it represents sparkle, peace and relaxation. Blue also brings positive energy and is the most prominent color for people with the Water element.

The color represents purity and purity, it is also the color that represents the Metal element, Metal produces Water in the mutual relationship, it brings a lot of luck and fortune.

The gray color shows a bit of calmness and maturity, suitable for some people with the Water element who seem a bit impulsive, hasty and like an unstoppable flow. It fits the saying “the river is deep and quiet”.

Silver metallic
These are the colors that make the water more sparkling and sparkling. It will definitely give people of the Metal element an attractive and mysterious appearance.

The color represents strength, bravery and steadfastness, it helps some people achieve success such as high positions. It also represents a subtle and magical source of energy, bringing safety and protection to the person carrying it.

What color is the element of Water taboo?

You should limit wearing or using items with taboo colors to avoid having bad luck or having to endure additional hardships and difficulties.

This is the color of the Earth element, brown represents earth, water-absorbing soil will cause people of the Water element to lose all vitality, become increasingly depressed, and have no ambition and will.

Red is extremely harsh for people with the Water element. This is the color that brings luck and fortune, but for people with the Water element, it is the opposite.

This color belongs to the Fire element, and fire and water cannot go together, it will definitely make you feel rushed and lack vitality.

This is also the color of the Fire element. If you carry this color with you, you will not have much luck, it will be difficult to do anything and you will encounter many obstacles.

Water is the source of life for plants, plants are green but in reality this color will reduce the energy of people of the Water element. You should pay attention!

Some questions about the Water element

In addition to the above information, there will be some side questions about the Water element that many people still wonder about. Let Cardina answer for you!

Which fate is compatible with Water element?
In the five elements, in the relationship of mutual support and mutual support, the Water element is compatible with the Metal element, the Wood element and the Water element.

Which destiny does Water element counteract?
The Water destiny is not compatible with the Earth and Fire destiny, these two destiny will cause the homeowner to lose all vitality, often quarrel and even lead to fights.

What age is suitable for the Water element?
According to the relationship of mutual generation in the five elements, people who are compatible or compatible with the Water element include: Nham Than, Canh Thin, Quy Dau, Giap Ngo, Tan Ty, At Mui, Quy Mao, Nham Dan, Tan Hoi, Canh Tuat, At Suu, Giap Ty.

What age is the lucky one for Thuy?
Also based on the incompatible relationship of the five elements theory, people who are not compatible with the Water element include: Binh Nham and Giap Dau. Dinh Tan, Nham Mau, At Ky, Quy Ky.

Lucky number for people born in Water
Based on the hexagrams in the eight trigrams and five elements, people of the Water element will be compatible with the numbers 0, 1, 3, 6 and 7, which they should bring or choose to increase prosperity, luck, happiness and wealth. fortune.

What numbers are people with the Water element not compatible with?
For Water people, you should avoid the numbers 2, 4, 5, 8 and 9 as they will cause the homeowner to lose money and wealth. However, this is only at a relative level, for each specific individual there are separate numbers that you can learn more about.

Jewelry and feng shui items for the Water element
People with the Water element should prioritize products made from crystal and quartz. There are also feng shui objects such as the god of wealth, dragon, bronze lion, golden toad, Maitreya Buddha statue, Pixiu, Thiem Thu, Phuc – Loc – Tho or horses.

What plants should people of Thuy plant grow?
For people of this destiny, priority should be given to plants that can grow in water or succulent plants such as: Orchids, Thanh Tam, Japanese palms, green sprouts or golden palaces.

What color car should Destiny buy?
Based on compatible and incompatible colors, these people should choose to buy white, black, gray or poplar cars.

What type of fish should people with the Water element raise?
Types of fish that should be kept are: Koi fish, black arowana fish, and arowana fish with the meaning of bringing health, luck and fortune to the homeowner.

What paintings should people of Thuy hang? What color?
You should choose paintings with colors that suit you as mentioned above, in addition, prioritize themes such as: Smooth sailing, Assembly of nine fishes, Mountains and water, young water…

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Above is information about what colors are suitable for the Water element, how to choose clothes and some answers to questions for people of the Water element. Hopefully through this you have also mastered the good and bad things for you. Don’t forget to follow Roostershirt to learn more interesting knowledge as well as enjoy shopping.

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