What color is compatible with Metal element? What color is taboo? What color clothes should Mang Kim wear?

What is Metal Destiny

Metal element is one of the extremely important factors to create balance in the five elements of yin and yang. In feng shui as well as some spiritual elements of Eastern people, color has a great impact on one’s destiny, so there is analysis of compatible and incompatible colors for that destiny. So what color is compatible with the Metal element? What color is taboo? Let’s find out with Roostershirt through the article below!

What is Metal Destiny?

In the yin and yang theory of the five elements, the Metal element represents metal, people with tough personalities, strength, confidence and determination. Based on the relationship of mutuality and incompatibility, people choose colors that suit this destiny. As Metal gives birth to Water, Water gives birth to Wood, Wood gives birth to Fire, Fire gives birth to Earth, Earth gives birth to Metal.

Because it symbolizes metal and metal types, the colors for people of the Metal element are white, silver, and gray. In addition, there will be colors suitable for the destiny signs of Earth and Water because of their mutual relationship. When using objects with these colors, they will attract luck, prosperity, money and health to the owner.

What color is compatible with Metal element?

The Metal element is compatible with white, gray, silver, gray, brown, yellow, moss green… These colors are based on feng shui records in the yin and yang theory of the five elements, and are not mandatory for any person’s belief. anyone.

This is the color that represents people of the metal element. This color symbolizes newness, clarity and purity. It is also meaningful as an opening for the will and dreams of people of the Metal element. This color will bring luck and convenience in the owner’s career and life. So with the objects around you, you can prioritize white.

Gray, gray
This is the color of metals such as silver, representing toughness and strength. The color says that people in this destiny will always overcome adversity and difficulties, and through the ups and downs of the world, they will become stronger and stronger. Especially in horoscopes, gray has a great influence on the home’s Tu Tuc (descendants), Quy Nhan or Quan Loc.

This color is also quite similar to gray, it is the color that symbolizes metal. People with the Metal element using silver will help them attract luck and money. In particular, this color has the ability to attract a lot. When you wear this color, you will definitely receive the attention of many people, thereby creating good relationships.

Brown is the symbol of the Earth element, and here Earth gives birth to Metal, the mutual relationship is extremely close, which means that brown is also the color suitable for the Metal element. Brown has a nurturing meaning for people of the Metal element, it helps you regenerate energy, helps you be more alert in life to make the right decisions, and all work goes smoothly. Especially in the career of people in this destiny, brown has an extremely strong impact.

Earth yellow color
This is also the color of the Earth element. This color tone helps people of the Metal element always stand out anywhere, helping them to always be lucky in all tasks in life, and to overcome difficulties easily. Yellow also has the meaning of harmonizing life, helping you balance negative and positive energies.

Moss green/light green
Blue is the color tone that symbolizes the Water element, but to best suit the Metal element, you should prioritize moss green and pastel green. This color will help you stay healthy, always fresh and full of energy.

What color is compatible with Metal element
What color is compatible with Metal element

What color is the Metal element afraid of?

The Metal destiny is not compatible with the colors red, pink, orange, purple…the colors corresponding to the destiny signs that are incompatible with Kim.

Bright yellow, bright yellow, red, orange or pink, purple are all colors that symbolize the Fire element, and Fire here is the fire that can burn, melt and change the shape of metal. Therefore, these two elements are said to be incompatible and completely opposed to each other. The energy of the color of the Fire element will overwhelm the Metal element, so you must limit its use and carry it with you.

Some questions about Kim destiny

What color car did Destiny Kim buy?
As mentioned above, the Metal element is suitable for white, gray, and gray, so you should prioritize cars with these colors. Especially a white car, will definitely bring safety and success at work to you.

What color should Destiny Kim paint her house?
People with the Metal element often paint their houses white or silver, and choose objects and accents with colors such as brown, earthy yellow or moss green. You can also decorate your house with these colored corrugated iron sheets.

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