What is Jersey fabric? Characteristics and applications of Jersey you may not know

What is Jersey fabric

Jersey fabric is one of the most commonly used materials today in the textile industry. Not only used in garments, it is also used in the production of decorations, furniture, and decor. So what is Jersey fabric? What are the features and applications? Let’s find out with Roostershirt Store through the article below!

What is Jersey fabric?

Jersey is a fabric made from wool, cotton or other synthetic fibers. The name Jersey comes from a small island in England because this is where this material is produced. This fabric was created by the people here in the 19th century.

Jersey fabric has a special horizontal weave structure from a single fabric thread. This creates a fabric surface that is soft, stretchy and smooth on both sides. However, the outside of the fabric will be smooth with a slight ribbed line, while the inside will have quite a lot of fibers. However, when making clothes, wearing them will not be too uncomfortable, it still feels smooth and soft on the skin.

Characteristics of Jersey fabric


  • Fabric has high elasticity, often used to make body-hugging outfits, bringing flexibility and comfort to the wearer.
  • Has good moisture absorption ability thanks to the small pore structure, keeping the body always dry and cool.
  • Fabric is a combination of natural or synthetic fibers that are soft and gentle when in contact with the skin.
  • Diverse applications when it can be used to sew casual clothes, pajamas, skirts and pants, interior products…


  • The durability of this fabric is not too high, if frequently washed and used, it will become loose or no longer as sturdy as before.
  • Some types of Jersey fabric are prone to wrinkling, so when washing or storing, you need to shake and hang it carefully.
  • Although it is breathable, in high ambient temperatures the fabric will be quite hot, especially during peak hot weather in the summer.
Characteristics of Jersey fabric
Characteristics of Jersey fabric

Popular Jersey fabrics today

  • Jersey Cotton: Is a type of Jersey fabric composed mainly of cotton, bringing a comfortable, cool feeling to the wearer. Often used to make T-shirts, pajamas, swimwear, and everyday clothes.
  • Modal Jersey: Modal is a fiber made from oak trees, has higher durability than other fabrics as well as being safe and benign for the skin.
  • Polyester Jersey: Polyester fiber has good elasticity and wrinkle resistance, is widely used in sports and casual wear, and is also quite cheap.
  • Bamboo Jersey: Bamboo is a young, breathable fiber that absorbs sweat well, very suitable for making pajamas and summer wear.
  • Linen Jersey: This fabric has a certain elasticity, is cool and forms very well, so this is also a reasonable choice in the summer.
  • Viscose Jersey: This material has a certain shine, creating a soft feeling on the skin but the breathability is not good.
  • Wool Jersey: Winter clothes often use this fabric because it has the ability to keep warm extremely well and brings a comfortable feeling, not too stuffy.
  • Spandex Jersey: This fabric is often used to make leggings and bodysuits thanks to its elasticity and comfort.

Application of Jersey fabric

Jersey fabric is used in the fashion industry and many other fields, especially furniture and decorations. Let’s take a look at some application products below!

  • Jersey is used to make t-shirts, this is the most common application. Thanks to its good elasticity, breathability, and softness on the skin, this fabric is loved and chosen by many people.
  • This material is also a great choice for sewing straight dresses, body dresses, hugging the body without causing discomfort.
  • Some types of Jersey have natural ingredients such as linen and bamboo and are used to make pajamas, nightgowns, nightgowns and home wear. It is not only cool, soft, smooth but also very gentle when worn.
  • Sports clothes, workout clothes, leggings thanks to their elasticity, airiness and good sweat absorption.
  • Used to make children’s clothes, especially Jerseys with natural ingredients.
  • Production of sofa covers, pillows, sheets, and thin summer blankets. Besides, there are also curtains and interior screens for decoration.
  • Making accessories such as headbands, hair ties, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, ties…

How to preserve Jersey fabric

How to preserve Jersey fabric
How to preserve Jersey fabric

To use products made from Jersey fabric that are always durable and beautiful, you should note the following points.

  • When washing, do not spin with strong force. You can use a laundry bag to preserve the shirt better. Do not use strong detergents.
  • You should sort clothes before washing to avoid mixing colors. Especially do not wash Jersey with materials such as jeans because it often fades color.
  • When drying, you should shake the shirt flat first and dry it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Do not iron the dress at high temperature to avoid loss of shape and uneven elasticity.
  • Store the shirt in dry conditions, the wardrobe should have a desiccant package, and hang the shirt with a plastic hanger to avoid wrinkling.

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