Learn about Borip fabric: Characteristics and applications

Learn about Borip fabric

Borip is a fabric widely used in the fashion industry. It not only brings eye-catching outfits but also creates comfort and ease for the wearer. So what is borip fabric? What are its characteristics and applications? Let’s answer with Roostershirt in the article below!

What is Borip fabric?

Borip has many different names, according to the profession, people will call it Rib Fabric, Ribbed Fabric, and the familiar name according to Vietnamese people is elastic rip or thi tendon.

When you look at Borip fabric, you can see that it resembles wool fabric, with sunken grooves and raised ribs parallel to each other. “Rip” in this name is the groove structure or stripe on the surface of the fabric, helping to create elasticity and elasticity for the fabric.

This material is made up of many different fibers such as cotton, polyester, spandex or synthetic fibers. The flexibility in ingredients also helps Borip have diverse applications, bringing many options to users.

Characteristics of Borip fabric

Each type of fabric will have its own characteristics, which also create advantages and disadvantages so that when brought into production and use, users can measure accordingly.


  • Stretchable and elastic: Thanks to the ribbed groove structure, Borip elastic fabric has extremely good stretch and elasticity, this is also the biggest advantage of this material. Therefore, it always brings a feeling of comfort to the wearer, can make tight clothes but is still very light and soft on the body.
  • Sweat absorption: Not all Borip fabrics absorb sweat, depending on the type of fiber you use, for example, Rip elastic has the best absorbency, comfortable to wear, dry and can be worn. Used for outdoor activities.
  • Diverse types of fibers: As mentioned above, Borip is made from many different types of fibers, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages to suit usage needs.
  • Unique structure: This can also be considered a feature that brings advantages to this fabric. It creates novelty, creates thickness for the fabric, makes it easy to sew from shirts, skirts to pants or accessories such as socks, scarves…
  • Easy to care for and preserve: Buying products made from this fabric is quite easy to use, you can hand or machine wash as you like. Color retention is also very stable, washing or wringing with strong force is not afraid of thread tearing.
Characteristics of Borip fabric
Characteristics of Borip fabric


  • One-way stretch: Although it has the ability to stretch, Borip fabric only stretches in one direction in the direction of the ribs and grooves. Of course, it will be much more limited than 2-way or 4-way stretch fabrics. So when buying, you need to pay attention and see what your needs are.
  • Easy to wrinkle the surface and lose shape: There are some types of Borip made from a few fiber components that easily wrinkle the surface and can lose shape through use or after washing. In addition, the elasticity of the fabric is not always 100%, long-term use can lose it and make the item look tacky and flabby.

Borip fabrics are popular today

There are many types of Borip fabric commonly used on the market today, some of the following are the most commonly used materials:

Cotton Borip: Using the main ingredient is cotton fiber with soft, breathable, elastic properties, very comfortable to wear, so suitable for everyday wear.

Polyester Borip: Polyester fiber has the advantage of extremely high durability, keeps its shape well, so when worn it is very flattering. The fabric is also wrinkle-resistant, so it is suitable for sewing clothes that are neat, polite, and luxurious.

Spandex Borip: This fabric has good elasticity and can be combined with Cotton or Polyester to bring many other advantages such as sweat absorption, fresh colors…

Bamboo Borip: This is a material made of bamboo fiber, completely natural, benign for the skin as well as safe for the environment. The advantage of this fabric is its ability to absorb sweat well, softness and gentleness when worn on the body.

Modal Borip: Modal is a fabric made from birch wood, which is also natural and safe. The fabric is highly soft and absorbs sweat extremely well. Wearing it in the summer will create desirable coolness.

Tencel Borip: This continues to be a soft, breathable and environmentally friendly fabric, but in return its price is also quite high.

Rayon Borip: Rayon is probably familiar to fashion connoisseurs, this synthetic fabric is soft, moderately elastic and very colorfast.

Linen Borip: This fabric is often used to produce summer clothes thanks to the breathability and coolness it brings.

Applications of Borip fabric

Thanks to its outstanding advantages, Borip is widely used in sewing fashion items. Some product lines that people often use this type of fabric include:

  • T-shirts, Polo shirts: These are the two most popular product lines that often use Rip Fabric for sewing. When worn, the shirt will have moderate stretch and elasticity, creating comfort for the wearer, and can also be flexible in many activities. The ability to absorb sweat is good so it is very good for everyday fashion.
  • Fleece clothes, hoodies: If you want to choose clothes for the Fall – Winter that are light, comfortable and moderately warm, Borip is an ideal material. But it will only be suitable for cold weather, it is very suitable to wear in the fall and spring weather.
  • Sports shirts and pants: Thanks to its elasticity, this fabric is used to sew some types of sports clothes such as joggers, leggings, workout pants, workout shirts…
  • T-shirt skirt, body skirt: Even though it is a tight skirt, the elasticity of the skirt is not too good, there will be many limitations when wearing it, but if you want to buy clothes at the price range for students, you can absolutely choose select. T-shirt dresses with fresh colors and interesting fabric textures will also create dynamism and modernity for the wearer.
  • Sewing different types of underwear: Panties and Bralettes have the ability to absorb sweat, have slight elasticity, and are made from natural ingredients that are safe for the skin. These advantages certainly answer your question about why you should buy handmade underwear. from Borip, right?
  • Children’s clothing: T-shirts, pajamas, casual clothes, pants, skirts… almost any child’s item can be sewn with Borip fabric. People will prioritize fabric lines with natural fiber ingredients.
  • Fashion accessories: Gloves, socks, hats, scarves… are also made from this material.
Applications of Borip fabric
Applications of Borip fabric

Note when washing and preserving Borip fabric

Similar to other materials on the market such as hemp fabric, cotton fabric… When using clothes made from elastic Rib fabric, you should pay attention to the following ways of washing and preserving:

  • Wash clothes in cold or warm water, absolutely do not wash in hot water as this will cause the fabric to lose its shape and elasticity.
  • Bleach can be used but at a light and moderate concentration and ratio to maintain fabric quality as well as color. Especially do not use bleach containing chlorine.
  • You should turn the shirt inside out and wash it. Avoid using brushes or strong physical impact on the fabric surface.
  • Do not dry clothes outdoors for too long, especially in direct sunlight, as this can cause the shirt to fade quickly and reduce its durability. Instead, dry it in a cool place with a light breeze.
  • Clothes should be hung on large, plastic hangers, or folded when stored in the closet. Some Rib fabrics can easily wrinkle and lose their shape when left untidy.

Answering some questions about Borip fabric

Compare elastic Rib fabric with regular elastic fabric?
In addition to the different structure, Rib fabric compared to regular elastic fabric is rated higher in terms of elasticity. Rib brings a comfortable, light feeling when hugging the body, without being stuffy, difficult to move, or compressed like regular elastic fabric. If you buy a bodycon dress or tight outfit, between regular elastic and Borip, you should choose Bo.

Are the sleeve and collar edges Borip fabric?
If you notice, some outfits often have necklines and sleeves made from ribbed fabric. Some brands have used Borip fabric for this detail. Not only does it bring a unique look and highlight, but this bodice is also very comfortable because it is elastic and very soft.

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Above is the information about Borip fabric that Roostershirt shares with readers. Hopefully this article provides useful fashion knowledge for everyone. And don’t forget to follow Website Roostershirt.com to enjoy your shopping pleasure!

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