What is Bust measurement? How to get the most accurate bust measurement

How to get the most accurate bust measurement

Bust size is one of the popular phrases that fashion people, especially in apparel, often use. So what is bust measurement? What are the standards and ways to measure bust in fashion? Join Roostershirt to find out through the article below!

What is Bust measurement?

Bust or bust size is simply understood as the bust measurement, in which bust means inches (in), 1in is equivalent to 2.54cm. Bust measurement is calculated by the circumference of the chest, measured at the fullest point including the area under the armpit. This helps design lingerie and chest area dresses to be most accurate and fit the body.

Nowadays, the demand for online shopping is increasing and each person’s body has a different measurement, making it very difficult to choose the appropriate bust measurement. So what do shoppers need to do to buy the most satisfactory shirts? It is thanks to the standards: Bust size chart – Bust size meaning – But size calculator.

What is Bust measurement
What is Bust measurement

What is bust size chart?

Bust size chart means bust size chart. Each brand and each manufacturer will have a different size chart suitable for their products. Therefore, when deciding to buy, you should ask for a chest measurement chart to know the appropriate size for you. Note especially when buying US – UK products, the measurement table will have a big difference for Asian people.

What does bust size mean?

The next step after you get the bust size chart is bust size meaning – understanding more about bust measurements. If you do not understand the size chart of the item you are buying, you can ask the seller for a thorough description of the product. You can describe your characteristics or consider whether the brand’s product characteristics are suitable before purchasing.

But what is size calculator?

But size calculator is a device that automatically measures size and converts it to measurements according to many different regional standards. For those who do not understand their measurements or want to measure the most standard size, the calculator is an ideal choice. Using technology will bring the most accurate ratio so you no longer have to worry.

The most standard bra measuring process

Having the correct standards and procedures for measuring bras is very important because if there is a mistake in just one point, there is an error and you can buy the wrong bra.

First, you must prepare a tape measure with the most accurate scale. Next, stand straight with your back in a natural position, without raising or lowering your upper body too much.

For the chest, there will be two main measurements including the underbust and the overbust.

The most standard bra measuring process
The most standard bra measuring process

Step 1: Measure your underbust by using a tape measure to circle around your bust from front to back. Need to tighten moderately, not too tight or loose. If you measure while wearing clothes, you need to compensate for the scale, which is usually very small.

Step 2: Measure overbust, use the tape around the main area that protrudes the highest of the chest, usually the middle part dividing 1/2 of the chest horizontally and then record the data.

Step 3: After measuring, you should compare with the standard size ring to come up with a standard size table according to Cups A – B – C…

Some notes when measuring bust

The following tips will help you measure your bust accurately and with the least amount of error:

  • Choose a reasonable measurement time: Usually in the middle of the day, your breasts will be in the most stable state, so measure at this time.
  • Compare with previous bra: If you have chosen a bra that fits well, then after measuring, you can compare it with that bra size to make sure this bust is the most accurate.
  • Measure according to your natural standing posture: You must depend on your natural standing posture every day to take measurements. If you are slightly hunchbacked, you can straighten your chest without being too puffed out.
  • Measure in a comfortable position so that when looping the strap around your chest, it is not too tight or too loose.
    Each brand when producing its products will have its own set of standards for sizes S – M – L – XL – XXL, so when buying you should ask more carefully. Provide your measurements and ask for advice to buy the most suitable product.
  • Many people who wear bras often have the situation where the top part is not tight and is loose, thinking it’s because they bought the wrong size.
  • However, that is only a small part, most of them are buying bras with non-standard designs, not tight fitting, and the form of cheap, poor quality products.

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In addition to understanding what bust is, there are many other related measurements and terms such as length, sleeve, waist, hip… that anyone who works or is interested in fashion must know. Follow Roostershirt to know more about this information through the following articles. And don’t forget to stop by Car’s booth to choose your favorite clothes!

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