Learn about silk fabric: Characteristics, classification and applications

Learn about silk fabric

Silk fabric is one of the most widely used materials today, used to make everyday clothes or in special spaces and environments. In the article below, Roostershirt.com will introduce to you information related to silk fabric so you can make the most suitable choice!

Learn about silk fabric

Silk fabric is a fabric woven from natural fibers with recognizable characteristics of a smooth, shiny and slightly scratched surface. That is also the reason why people take this name, the fabric is often used to make shirts, home wear or luxurious, party, and sparkling outfits.

According to some sources of information, silk fabric has been around for thousands of years, and archaeologists have found it in Egypt, India or China. They noted that this fabric was used to make costumes for the nobility and upper class even in ancient times.

Commenting on this material, it brings elegance, luxury, and elegance from the way people make the colors and patterns. That is also the reason why it is widely used to this day.

To produce silk fabric, one must go through an extremely meticulous and time-consuming process. From growing mulberries, raising silkworms, harvesting cocoons, rubbing cocoons, weaving fabric, perfecting the fabric by adding colors and patterns. An important thing to note is that this material is created by weaving method to create characteristic scratches on the fabric surface.

Characteristics of silk fabric

Silk fabric is listed as a high-end fabric with a fairly high price. However, besides its outstanding advantages, it also has some small disadvantages. You can refer to the content below!

Characteristics of silk fabric
Characteristics of silk fabric


  • Soft, smooth surface: Although it is said to be scratchy, because it is made from natural fibers, the fabric has a very clear softness and smoothness, we can feel it immediately when we touch it. It also feels comfortable, gliding smoothly on the skin when wearing.
  • Breathable and sweat-absorbent: Thanks to natural materials, the fabric has the ability to absorb sweat well, bringing a comfortable feeling and especially not having a secret odor. This is a great solution for summer outfits, pajamas, home wear or attending crowded parties or in hot weather.
  • Color-fast, long-lasting fabric: The fabric’s properties are durable, but if you know how to preserve and use it well, it can still be used for a long time. The fabric will not lose color, and if you use it a lot, you don’t have to worry about it fraying or becoming unsightly.
  • Brings luxury and elegance: For those who want their image to always be more neat, beautiful and upscale, fabric is always a great choice.


  • Poor heat resistance: Silk fabric easily shrinks or expands when exposed to high or low temperatures. Please note this point to know how to preserve it properly.
  • Easily scratched: Because of the scratchy structure of woven fabric, if there is strong physical impact such as rubbing with a brush, squeezing vigorously with a washing machine, etc.
  • High price: Fabric has a higher price than other common fabrics so it will be suitable for certain audiences.

Current types of silk fabrics

Currently on the market there are many different types of silk fabrics with their own characteristics and applications. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used fabric lines.

Silk fabric: This is a fabric made from 100% silk, has a light shine, smooth and soft surface, often used to sew high-end dresses.

Cotton silk fabric: A blend of silk and cotton, which are also natural fibers, have slight elasticity, are breathable, and absorb sweat extremely well. Often used to make everyday clothes such as shirts, pants, and pajamas.

Linen fabric: The fabric is made from 100% linen, the surface is a bit rough but still provides breathability and comfort when worn. Used to make pants, shirts, and skirts for everyday wear.

Modal silk fabric: A fiber made from oak trees, extremely durable, smooth and soft like silk, breathable and very suitable for summer outfits.

Tencel silk fabric: This fabric has the characteristics of being extremely cool, less wrinkled and extremely durable, can be used for a long time, the price is quite high but its lifespan is calculated very economically.

Application of silk fabric

Silk fabric is used in many different fields, mainly fashion and other industries that use fabric. Mentioned as:

Apparel: This material is used to make dresses for everyday wear or for parties and events; everyday clothes. Especially for outfits that require style, this material is a great choice.

Fashion accessories: Scratched silk is very suitable for sewing silk scarves, ties, and luxurious and elegant handbags.

Interior decoration: The fabric can be used to sew high-quality curtains in the living room, bedroom, meeting room, and for luxurious spaces. Used as pillowcases, blankets and mattresses in hotels, resorts, tablecloths at large parties…

In addition, fabric is also used to make handicrafts, fabric paintings, small accessories such as manes, hairpins, handmade items…

Application of silk fabric
Application of silk fabric

How to use and preserve silk fabric

  • For silk fabric, as long as you know how to preserve it, it can be used for a long time, very cost-effective.
  • Prioritize hand washing and dry cleaning instead of machine washing to avoid strong force damaging the fabric.
  • Use gentle detergent, do not bleach, and do not use bleach.
  • Clothes should be dried in shade and wind, avoiding direct sunlight. You should let the fabric dry naturally rather than using a dryer or iron at high temperatures. Use wooden hangers to hang. When storing clothes, you should also hang them up, do not fold them or throw them haphazardly in the closet.
  • Avoid rubbing clothes, use scented bags, and use dehumidifying bags in the closet to avoid moldy clothes, especially in humid weather.

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Above is the information about silk fabric that Cardina wants to share with you. Hopefully this is a useful article that provides you with interesting fashion knowledge. And don’t forget to follow Roostershirt Store to enjoy your shopping!

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