The Dallas Cowboys Best Players to Watch in 2023

TOP 5 Dallas Cowboys Best Players 2023

As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming seasons, it’s always exciting to look ahead and speculate on the potential stars and breakout players of the future. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the Dallas Cowboys’ best players to watch in 2023. From established veterans to promising young talents, these players have the potential to make a significant impact on the team’s success. Let’s dive in and see who could be leading the charge for America’s Team in 2023.

TOP 5 Dallas Cowboys Best Players 2023

1. Dak Prescott (Quarterback) – Dallas Cowboys Best Players 2023

Dak Prescott has already proven himself as one of the league’s top quarterbacks, and in 2023, he is expected to continue his impressive performance. Despite a season-ending injury in 2020, Prescott has shown resilience and determination in his recovery. With his exceptional leadership skills, accurate passing, and ability to make plays both with his arm and legs, Prescott is poised to lead the Cowboys’ offense and be a driving force behind their success in 2023.

2. Micah Parsons (Linebacker) – Dallas Cowboys Best Players 2023

As a first-round draft pick in 2021, Micah Parsons has already made a name for himself as a versatile and dynamic linebacker. Known for his speed, athleticism, and ability to disrupt plays, Parsons has the potential to become a dominant force on the Cowboys’ defense. With his playmaking abilities and versatility to excel in both pass coverage and run defense, Parsons could be a game-changer for the team in 2023 and beyond.

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3. CeeDee Lamb (Wide Receiver) – Dallas Cowboys Best Players 2023

After an impressive rookie season in 2020, CeeDee Lamb has quickly emerged as one of the Cowboys’ most electrifying offensive weapons. With his exceptional route running, reliable hands, and ability to create big plays, Lamb has the potential to become one of the league’s top wide receivers. As he continues to develop his chemistry with Dak Prescott, expect Lamb to be a key target in the Cowboys’ passing attack in 2023.

CeeDee Lamb Wide Receiver Dallas Cowboys Best Players 2023
CeeDee Lamb Wide Receiver Dallas Cowboys Best Players 2023

4. Trevon Diggs (Cornerback) – Dallas Cowboys Best Players 2023

Trevon Diggs, a second-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, had a promising rookie season as a cornerback. Known for his ball-hawking skills and knack for creating turnovers, Diggs has shown tremendous growth and potential. With his size, athleticism, and ability to lock down opposing receivers, Diggs could become a cornerstone of the Cowboys’ defense in 2023. Keep an eye on him as he continues to develop into a shutdown cornerback.

5. Ezekiel Elliott (Running Back) – Dallas Cowboys Best Players 2023

Although Ezekiel Elliott has been a standout player for the Cowboys since his rookie season in 2016, he remains a player to watch in 2023. Known for his powerful running style, ability to break tackles, and versatility as a receiver out of the backfield, Elliott is a key component of the Cowboys’ offense. As he continues to be a workhorse back, expect Elliott to make a significant impact on the ground and in the passing game in 2023.

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The Dallas Cowboys have a talented roster filled with potential stars, and in 2023, these players are expected to shine. From Dak Prescott leading the offense to Micah Parsons wreaking havoc on defense, the Cowboys have a promising group of players who could elevate the team’s performance to new heights. So, keep an eye on these players as they continue to develop and contribute to the success of America’s Team in 2023 and beyond.

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